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 [REL]Neighbourhood Homeboys

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PostSubject: [REL]Neighbourhood Homeboys   Wed Apr 16, 2014 1:10 pm

Behind this modpack is a little story because I've been watching Menace 2 Society once again and I felt with it and I liked the fact that there was a group of friends wich knew eachother for a long time trying to survive ín the LA ghetto together. See I always thought that the skins in modpacks always look like they don't have shit to do with eachother I wanted to change that doing a modpack with that basic. A group of homies from the same neighbourhood who grew up together trying to survive in the ghetto of Los Santos.

I was thinking about some names to em wich isn't rlly important but okay I know Mark Niko made something like this with the names but I just thought whitout names these characters wouldn't have any personality y'know?

from left to right
Tyrone Williams(T),
Michael Harris(Mike),
Jermaine Lawrene(JJ),
Rodney Taylor(RT),
Demarion Scott(Scotty)

Lil Familie

mediafire.com ?ru9evfh27tbrsjb