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 Update v1.43 is now live! (Tag Wars delayed to v1.44)

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U.N. Owen

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PostSubject: Update v1.43 is now live! (Tag Wars delayed to v1.44)   Tue Apr 15, 2014 4:45 am

The update is now live! The update contains the following:

- Accounts now save without you needing to leave the server.
- New/Re-made commands: /inventory (/inv), /shop, /sex, /drink, /learn
- Removed commands: /buygun, /buyitem, /order, /store, /boxing, /kungfu, /normal, /sprunk, /beer.
- Cigarettes, Sprunk, Beer & Wine now save to your inventory.
- Ammo purchase limits have been introduced.
- The Sex Shop at El Corona has officially opened for business, selling useful "items" and offering "interesting services".
- The Ammu-nation gun store chain is under the process of re-opening. Grand Opening: 17/04/2014.
- New Admin-Controlled Event: Riot Mode, has been added to the server. More news to follow by the next update.
- Fighting styles purchased at the Ganton Gym are now permanent.
- The price's of many items in-game have been changed slightly.
- 24/7's now play music upon entry.
- A bug with the animation /fucku has been fixed.
- /pm has been temporarily removed and will return as soon as possible.
-Installed a "bug tracker" on the server, That should locate the reason behind the "Server Closed the Connection" problem (If it's still there).
- Several glitches, bugs & exploits that effected the Cadets/Police have been fixed:
-Cadets/Police Officers no longer spawn with a Nightstick, Pepper Spray or Pistol. They have to use the locker or armory to equip every time they spawn. Bots, Unfortunately: Still do. Fixing on next update.
-Emmet's & the Ammu-Nation stores will not sell weapons to Cadets/Police Officers.
-Weapons taken from the locker/armory will not save to your account, but they will not delete your saved weapons (If faction is chosen by accident).

The "Tag Wars" update has been delayed, due to this update being more necessary. As of this announcement, The "Tag Wars" update has been declared as: v1.44
Stay tuned for more!

~ U.N. Owen ~
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Update v1.43 is now live! (Tag Wars delayed to v1.44)
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