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 Street Banshee - The Life

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PostSubject: Street Banshee - The Life   Thu Apr 10, 2014 5:00 pm

*The beat*

* As the beat is going , I begin to rap at exactly 0:34 *

So let me set it all off and begin the talk
Makin' other emcees look like laughing stocks
I bust it harder than a shot from an old Matchlock
Leavin' niggas done with the chalk around them on the sidewalk
While in this line of work you have to take measures
The words I spit can be harsh but also soft and light like feathers
Everyday I'm gettin' better and more clever
Always focused on how to get more cheddar
After what feels like forever life finally became a norm for fancy suits and nice boots
Though I'd never forget my roots , when I was a little kid on the loose
Drinking juice, the life of crime seduced me like a hunter would catch a goose
Then I met Bruce who made crack and liked to overproduce, other kids
Who fucked with me , he abused I was proud to call him my friend at the time
When I meet him I always gave him a few salutes , me and him - that was friendship even though it was very cryptic
Life was no picnic, there were more dangers on the streets than water in the pacific
It was the time when I started to get artistic and hectic
Any nigga that acted tough got his neck slit , quick
When I first saw it at the age of 12 it made me sick
I still remember when me , Nick and Trey used to smoke joints
In the project hallway , then shot dice all day,
Now I see niggas goin' away without delay
Either 6 feet deep or guantanamo bay
Some fools just don't learn their lesson , they should've payed attention
Living at a time like this gave all of us a lot of tension, not to mention
The aggression, every block you went to niggas were chilling there by the masses
Like it was some convention, the most fucked up part was the new generation
Livin' in their own dimension made purely out of crack money and limitation
Making a living as a black male was dangerous because you might end up in jail so for me, the world was sour
And shit is getting crazier and major by the hour
At the time, alot of niggas were in power
But in the long run - they were all devoured
Most of them were gettin' took out everyday
Niggas getting laid , even kids younger than me
Are slinging LSD , lookin' out for the cops while sellin' on the blocks
Now cops pull me over , checkin' if I'm selling rocks and if I'm sober
Fuck - sometimes I just want this shit to be over.
Now I'm just another heavy smoker, trying to forget as I'm growing older
The lone roller , this world is getting colder , what goes around comes around , kinda like a roller coaster
Time goes slower and slower
When it comes to this shit I'm like the all knower
This shit ain't a joke , every corner you turn to niggas be slingin' coke
To broke fiends that just wanted to joke and choke on the supplies while inhaling
People like that were just failing, in their minds trailing, crack wasn't unavailing
But slingin' shit was just too dangerous for me, so I decided to be just another emcee
The street banshee, and if rappin' was a study I'd probably have the masters degree
Spit so much rhymes that niggas get buried in a sea of never ending lyrics
My shit kicks harder than weed, make you see spirits, put niggas in clinics.
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PostSubject: Re: Street Banshee - The Life   Mon May 12, 2014 8:12 pm

/me* Turns up the radio,as he continues smoking his joint,as he notices Chic's rap song.

[LPF]Snaikas: Daaayuum..That nigga was a beast.

/do 2-3 minutes later,after the song played
/me finishes his joint,as he throws it on the ground,stepping on it afterwards,turning the radio off
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Street Banshee - The Life
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