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 Hispanic Role Play: Essence & Basic Information

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PostSubject: Hispanic Role Play: Essence & Basic Information   Hispanic Role Play: Essence & Basic Information Icon_minitimeSun Mar 16, 2014 6:19 pm

Hispanic Role Play: Essence & Basic Information HispanicRoleplay_zps38e1b3a7

Term "Hispanic".

In United States of American, term Hispanic is referred to a person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American or other Spanish culture, not including race. All of the countries stated above once were colonized by Spain until 20th century. Hispanics are sometimes misunderstood by race and ethnicity, which leads to incorrect definition of Hispanic identity.

In the past century, Hispanics immigration emerged and they were crossing the American boarded. Now, living in their new country, they were spreading their culture in the states, Spanish language. Many Hispanics were aimed at by the law, disapproving their race. Some of them formed street gangs, small posses and intellectual crime organizations. The other part adopted the life of ordinary Americans.

Gangs and gang behavior 1960s-1990s.

The years of immigration and habituating to the new environment. Hispanics begin to form small posses, street gangs and and create roots to later intellectual crime organizations to defy the authorities due to being miscomprehend by the native people. They started spreading around their culture, but also adopting the lifestyle of Americans.

The slang in the gangs contained words and expressions from both Spanish and English language, renowned as "Spanglish". It was of good use for the Hispanics because the opposite-raced rival gangs could not understand them quite well.

At first, clothing style was suits and known fedora hats. However, as the times passed, they converted into more efficient and street compatible trousers like jeans and khaki pants. Besides the pants, their torso was covered with simple uni-colored T-shirts, striped polo shirts and also immense/oversized checkered and plaid shirts. Their foreheads were tied with various colored bandanas.

Like any other gangs, illegal acts were performed, leading to many members being imprisoned, temporarily jailed and even brutally assaulted and killed by the police.

Newer times, gang behavior in 21st century.

Transition between the culture ceded in the same beginning. Hispanic gangs took a look at the culture of Afro-American and Caucasian gangs which were surrounding the Hispanic society. That way, American culture took a bigger part in the life of a Hispanic gangster. They have become more americanized.

Jerseys and baggier clothes took part in this period, just like long shorts and significant body markings: tattoos, piercings..

Slang was adopted from regular Caucasians and Afro-Americans, resulting in a strong mixture. Spanglish has been repressed down. Younger generations are aware of growing up in America so they have been living lifestyle without any Spanish. It led to Hispanics multiplying and becoming a new race of Mexican-Americans, in street slang known as "Chicanos". It's a term of a Mexican person being born and/or raised within American boarders, also the ones who have spent their life in U.S.A. yet breed Mexican ethnicity from their ancestors.

Gang members.

Members' age of an everyday Mexican street gang varies from adolescent age to middle age of 30+. The gang is usually led by a group of the oldest and the wisest members. They are acknowledged as veterans, "OGs" and kingpin(s). Lower ranked members are in their late teens up to their late 20s. They can control certain parts of blocks, also assign tasks to younger members. The youngest members age breed from early adolescents to some middle teens. They're often renowned as "YGs(Young Gangsters)", "BGs(Baby Gangsters)". They're the ones whose minds are often blinded by gang life and try to put in work for the gang. Initiation is ordered by high ranked members. It's often expressed in a way of performing a criminal act or being "jumped in" - a system where they have to beat up the young member for a certain amount of time.

Gang activities.

Like any other gang, one Hispanic gang is based onto keeping its territory claimed under its possession, as it keeps being invaded and attacked by rivals who are even other Hispanic gangs that grew hatred towards each other. Known gang activities:

  1. Robbery
  2. Vandalism
  3. Smuggling
  4. Arms & drug dealing
  5. Illegal firearm & drug possession
  6. Murder
  7. Burglary

1.Robbery - usually performed on local stores & shops. Another type of robbery is mugging which is violent path of taking valuable items from a victim.

2.Vandalism - which involves in trashing public or private property. One pointed out type of vandalism is street graffiti. They are often expressing threats, disrespect to rival gangs and exaltation of your own.

3.Smuggling - is transporting large quantity of drugs/weapons across the boarder. It is known that gangs in U.S.A. are deployed enough to have a source in a foreign country which they're being supplied by.

4.Arms & drug dealing - being done out in the open or in quiet area. Usually young members are assigned to sell drugs out in the slums of their own neighborhood.

5.Illegal firearm & drug possession - many members are imprisoned for this crime and stripped off their weaponry and substances.

Murder - is one of the main dilemmas in gang populated cities. They're often performed on enemies and people who are considered a threat to the gang. California is known with graffiti displaying numbers 1-8-7 which is also penal code for homicide.

Burglary - is less active action but still is of big harm. Indigent members are known to perform this act due to their money issues.

Other notable information.

Gangs are recognized by normal non-affiliated citizens who happen to be tenants in the gang controlled area. Hispanic gangs are known for their artistic murals showing their Latin culture. Also, they are recognized for notable affiliated tattoos and gang signs which is what each gang is known for.

Role playing as a Hispanic gang member nowadays does not require much knowledge about the slang and the Latin culture due to gangs being americanized(as stated before). Gang members are tough, have respect for affiliates of their own gang, not having any remorse or mercy to the rivals. Most Hispanic gangs are racist and usually don't allow other races in their gang's conspiracy.

One big enemy of a gang is the police who are always getting in gangsters' vicious plans. However, as the authorities, member show fear to cops when they are suspected for a crime or when they are caught on deed by the police.

*Checking out gang videos on YouTube may help and inspire a player.
*Crime drama films including Mexican gangs can help expanding knowledge of gang behavior.
*Following the lifestyle of 21st century Hispanic gangster is highly recommendable.
*Searching pictures of Hispanic gang clothing style, gang signs, graffiti markings and tattoos would be nice.


(May or may not be updated with more useful information)

Hispanic Role Play: Essence & Basic Information VQmUsNA
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PostSubject: Re: Hispanic Role Play: Essence & Basic Information   Hispanic Role Play: Essence & Basic Information Icon_minitimeSun Mar 16, 2014 6:32 pm

DoughBoy wrote:

One big enemy of a gang is the police who are always getting in gangsters' vicious plans. However, as the authorities, member show fear to cops when they are suspected for a crime or when they are caught on deed by the police.

Good job.
I haven't read it all yet, but I will.
So far, so good.
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Hispanic Role Play: Essence & Basic Information
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