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 ~ SWAT Member Specialities ~

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PostSubject: ~ SWAT Member Specialities ~   Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:02 pm

Gunner: He has the skill of operating with a specialized SWAT weapon and use it.
Jim Street - [PD]Jim_Street
Jimmy Andez - [PD]Jimmy_Andez

Heavy Gunner: He has the skill of operating with a heavy damage specialized SWAT weapon and use it. He has to posses good close combat, tactical and movement skills.
Jim Street - [PD]Jim_Street
Jimmy Andez - [PD]Jimmy_Andez

Sniper: He has the skill of operating and shooting with a sniper rifle. He has to possess high mental balance and patience. He is frequently positioned on high buildings and places during operations and keeps a view and assists the SWAT members, providing more support and protection.
Jim Street - [PD]Jim_Street
Jimmy Andez - [PD]Jimmy_Andez

Bomb Expert: He has the skill of defusing any kind of known bomb and explosive types and possesses high knowledge of them. He also has the skill of operating and using explosives for SWAT operations. He has to be mentally balanced and to have the ability of self control and dealing with high pressure situations. He carries any explosives during SWAT operations.

Pilot: He has the skill of excellent operating and flying with a police chopper. He transports the SWAT members for operations. He has to be perfect in the chopper movement, landing and overall flying.
Jim Street - [PD]Jim_Street
Jimmy Andez - [PD]Jimmy_Andez

Combat Medic: He has the skill and knowledge of providing overall medical on field help. He has to be ready to deal with any type of mission injury at any moment.

Technician: He is responsible for any tactical information and technical duties while on operations. Such as bringing a wall down or informing the team of the building structure and possible entrances. Including using special SWAT equipment and tools.

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~ SWAT Member Specialities ~
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