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 Rhyme's Ban Appeal [STAY BANNED]

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PostSubject: Rhyme's Ban Appeal [STAY BANNED]   Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:12 am

Your in-game name: [TDB]Rhyme
Internet Protocol[IP]: I'll post later on
Name of the administrator that banned you: [PD]Casper
Date and time of ban: Now
Reason of ban: "Childish behavior." I've seen people troll before exactly like we did (we almost didn't even troll) and they're never banned. Casper I'm sorry if I ticked you off, really, but this was unnecessary, a kick would have been enough...
Screenshots: Glad to Give 'Em, here.
((Some are too big, those are marked as links.))

Any other comments:
I've been good ever since I've come back recently, cooperative, and etc. I had no lead-up to this sudden unnecessary ban. I understand I'll be unbanned in a week, but I'm just saying; this isn't the correct thing to do.
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PostSubject: Re: Rhyme's Ban Appeal [STAY BANNED]   Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:23 am

I was also banned, just because there was that interior bug and I could see the RP, I saw the OOC fest and made a comment on Trooper (not insult), I do admitI shouldn't have, but come on, a ban for that?
It's more unfair for Kimberly who didn't even type anything. Anyways, my question is; when am I getting unbanned, one week like the others? (Rhyme told me to post here so I won't have to make another ban appeal to ask these questions.)
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PostSubject: Re: Rhyme's Ban Appeal [STAY BANNED]   Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:24 am

The screenshots prove nothing bad against me or Trooper. They display the behavior you present that has gotten you banned. I don't believe that you're cooperative and the administration team to the Los Santos Police Department members will agree enough. I have screenshots, a chat log, and people who can backup their claim to my statement. You're banned for 2 months, not a year and I doubt it's that harsh compared to other roleplay servers that would of kept you perm banned. I'll be happy enough to PM you If you wish the collection I recieved from chasing [TDB] to the beach to the Lanza Projects. Anything Compton has to say shall be posted, but I highly doubt it. In addition, there have been other admins who have also wanted to ban you guys. You and Nightmare will wait until 9.04 to be unbanned. (2 months)
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WCL Founder

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PostSubject: Re: Rhyme's Ban Appeal [STAY BANNED]   Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:15 am

Fair enough, somebody doesn't know when to stop trolling and not to troll near people that want to RP.

2 months it is.

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PostSubject: Re: Rhyme's Ban Appeal [STAY BANNED]   

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Rhyme's Ban Appeal [STAY BANNED]
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