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 Slayermen Motorcycle Club - San Andreas [A.S.S.A]

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PostSubject: Slayermen Motorcycle Club - San Andreas [A.S.S.A]   Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:23 am

The Slayermen Motorcycle Club, also known as Slayers MC, is a one-percenter motorcycle gang, founded in San Andreas. The mother chapter was established in Los Santos, San Andreas in 1968 by Vietnam war veterans. The original members felt that the society they returned from war to, does not fit in their beliefs or life, choosing to live as outcasts together. The first acting president was George "Rocket" Robertson, who along with his trusted members made the Slayermen a prominent force in Los Santos. As the club grew in numbers, it expanded in other cities, opening chapters in New York, Chicago, Texas and others. After Roberton's death in 1974, Peter "Gran" Cornwell took the wheel of the organization. He led it through ups and downs as the club either progressed or moved back. The first major event was in 1976 when the club rose in national fame after members were involved in a shoot out against a local Hispanic gang from Los Flores, leaving five dead and four injured. In the effect of this event, the local FBI office opened a case file and began working against the club. The Slayers began handling themselves more low-key, avoiding any type of attention, opening legal businesses to cover up their income. In 1992, Cornwell was arrested, leaving the then club treasurer Nikolai "Nine" Taylor in the president spot. In 1994, Misha "Lucifer" Rodderick took over the club. The Federal Bureau of Investigation classify the Slayermen as a motorcycle gang, contending that members carry out widespread violence, drug dealing, trafficking in stolen goods, and extortion. Members of the organization have continuously asserted that they are only a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who have joined to ride motorcycles together, to organize different social events.

The time passes by and it's already the year 2014. And new people showed up around the surrounding areas of the neighborhood. Anton is one of the new people who met up with an member of the Slayermen M.C. Apparently, this an member of the local Nomad charter. Anton was introduced into the clubhouse by the Nomad. His name were Drew. Anton and Drew began to clean up inside the club. Anton's interests of the Slayermen raised and he wanted to help them more. The president of the Slayermen have disappeared and it lasted like that for some period. Drew wouldn't have time to maintain leadership of the club and so did Anton take over it. Anton Holmkvist was born in Sweden 1981 and are now 32 years old. He's loyal and experienced amongst M.C's. Anton's father whose now deceased used to be a member of the council within an motorcycle club back in Sweden. After the decease of Anton's father, Anton decided to move out from Sweden and to settle himself down within Los Santos. Anton began to recruit three people beforehand doing any other acts. He recruited Walter Keach, Otto Radman and Lenny Richards. Along with those people he began to do small time businesses. He tried to make friends, truces around the neighborhood. His first attempt were the gangsters of Play 'a' Dell Seville. It didn't turn out too well and so did a war began with them. Another attempt was the people of South Temple and Market. Which basically went pretty decent. After a few more probationary members of the club, Anton started to provide illegal protection to people for a decent price. They also commit other crimes such as extortion, sextortion, money laundering, loan sharking, robberies, burglaries, kidnapping, blackmailing, bribery, etc.

Always Slayermen, Slayermen Always.


After a local meeting by a group of Vietnam war veterans, the Slayermen Motorcycle Club was created in Los Santos, in 15th January 1968. Together it was decided to make a new chapter in the San Andreas state in order to block other motorcycle clubs from penetrating in that state. George "Rocket" Robertson was the most notorious member of the group at the time and was selected to take the lead of the newly founded club, he was 25 years at the time. Much saw him as being ruthless and having no value for human life, making him a figure to fear by his members. After a fellowship decision, the club settled in Los Flores. The Hispanic infested neighborhood caused the club to gain several members of Mexican origin to their side, making the membership mixed. The Las Venturas and San Fierro cities were both taken in
control by other rival motorcycle clubs such as the Mongols and Outlaws, in Los Santos there were far less club activities at the time, so there was a good chance to settle in there peacefully. The steady roots of the club quickly turned into the criminal life as different drug-related opportunities of work were crawling in their way. Pushed by local gangs, the Slayermen had to take a stand as their first incident came in 20th March 1970. After a confrontation at a local grocery store, Slayermen member Eru "Pipe" Rodriguez, shot a local Hispanic gang member to death. This incident led to several future confrontations which under the lead or Robertson, were dealt with an overcoming move as the small time gangs disappeared one by one. During this time, the club patched many nomadic members and soon the first chapter opened in Liberty City in 1973. After a confrontation between the Angels of Death and the Slayermen at a local bar, a fight broke out. In the brawl, Robertson suffered severe neck injuries, which left him dead on spot.

The death of the first president stunned the club, but the members knew they had to move quick, as tough times were coming at their way. Peter "Gran" Cornwell was appointed the new club president. He was the most well known young sergeant at arms at the time in the Slayermen ranks, thanks to his reputation. Much saw him as being the most prospective one with a bright future in the club. After a group decision at the church meeting, Peter was granted with a right to take over. With various help from nomads, he settled the club in East of Los Santos on 16th March 1974. In effect of successfully establishing the chapter's move, the road captain Jonathan "Crusher" Bellwack and the patchmember Thomas O'Realy from the Nomads chapter left. Cornwell led the club alongside with Micheal "Mitch" Carlson as the vice president. They were backed by Joseph "Butcher" Clarkson as the sergeant at arms, Raul "Storm" Garza and Steve "Ope" McCarty as main patchmembers. They were viewed as the five powerful forces of the chapter. Along with them was Joshua "Scar" Graham, who was a prospect at the time. Cornwell moved the club's direction to a more vicious and aggressive side, making many new enemies. Violence turned into a need for the club, who progressed in crimes performed and arrested members. As time passed, the club settled down more and more. Members either joined or transferred from different chapters, expanding the club's size. Joseph "Dirty" Hayworth, then a young Nomad for the Slayermen approached the club. Operating on the territory of Los Santos and often being called in aid of several nation wide chapters, he was no stranger to what he was getting in. Shortly after, he was accepted as a Sergeant at Arms and proved to be a capable Slayerman. Along with him, came the arrival of Nikolai "Nine" Taylor. Nine was from a Tennessee chapter. Known as a gun expert, he often spent time modifying different weaponry, putting it to better use. Often having a self-modified fully automatic nine millimeter pistol, he was given the road name of "Nine". June 13, 1974 was a dark day and a turnout in what was going to be, the beginning of the club's long history. During a road trip to the county, Micheal "Mitch" Carlson, Steve "Ope" McCarty and Joseph "Butcher" Carlson were killed, in what was a Vagos gang attack. Ope and Butcher died on spot, while Mitch was hospitalized, but later died from his wounds. The hit was a major blow to the club and changes were necessary, so the order can be kept. In a big call, Joshua "Scar" Graham, then a patchmember, was appointed as the acting vice-president and Nikolai "Nine" Taylor took the treasurer spot. Scar proved to be more than capable in the start, taking good control of the club. Cornwell and Graham were different personalities, which made the club balance itself in decision making and control. Managing to make it stay on perfect ground even after the big blow, members from the Los Santos and other chapters, directed a newfound respect to Scar.

The reputation of the Slayermen was of a fearless bunch, who didn't bend under any type of pressure, and they were aiming to keep it that way. July 26, 1974 was the day that the first major war with the Slayermen's involvement erupted. The club traveled to a turf known as being under the strict control of the Vagos. Not hesitating, the Slayers made their move, shooting on sight. Killing and injuring many of the Vagos members on the scene, the retaliation attack was completed. This marked the beginning of a war which may have cooled down, but was never forgotten. Over the next years the Slayermen were under the surveillance by both the Los Santos Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Being forced to watch out and lay low at all times, the club was careful with every move they made in the future. Two new prominent members later join. Robert "Sticky" Harris was the cousin of "Dirty". He was known as a vivid criminal, a master of theft in any form. Even the club members were careful of what they left around him. Brian "Grinder" Green was a member of a Michigan chapter. He transferred to the Los Santos chapter in 1986, providing to be a good and loyal member, closely getting in contact with the other members.

During the late 80s, the club faced more pressure as it had long on-going problems with local gangs from Seville, Ganton, Jefferson and Idlewood. Bumping with minor and major confrontations, this was a tough chapter in the history of the club, as much blood was shed on the streets. An alleged argument with the involvement of Seville and Slayer gang members led to the club's bar being shot up later during the day by men in green. This marked the second big local war for the Slayers. Both sides made hits on the opposition as the local police failed to control the heat. Cornwell didn't steer the club away from trouble, in fact led it into more as he desired to stand his ground. Police reported several brawls that occurred between Ballas and Slayermen members. During this wave, Cornwell made a business move towards dealing weapons, placing the drugs on second place. Club members took different trips out of the city as a crew, transporting the shipment of weaponry back in a garage located in Los Santos. With the shipments from other cities, Cornwell managed to create a distribution ring in the east area of the city. At that time the club was growing and faced much interest as more members were coming in. Even on house arrest at one time, Cornwell gave orders on different levels to the vice president Graham and the main enforcer Hayworth. With the growth of the crack epidemic and street gangs, many thought the club headed to a wrong direction, but the main command stood still for the following years. Wishing to be seen in a more positive side, which is distracting from the main happening, the treasurer Taylor opened a local liquor store and raised the use of the garage. The garage became a main sideway for the club to earn money as it was advertised properly, seeing a good level of clients. Bonds were made with a gang from El Corona, giving the club it's steady first ally on the street. The two gangs operated together until a dispute over money ruined the relationship. Two of the El Corona gang's high ranks were found dead while their leader left the city, missing. This didn't trouble Cornwell, who just kept looking forward. Soon Johnny "Jew" Lynch and Jason "Snake" Robertson joined the club as they proved to be trustworthy members in the future. Lynch was an old war veteran, a trusted man of Hayworth while Robertson was fast to sink comfortably with doing work for the higher ranks. In between of getting drunk, hunting and doing rides, the members lived freely. Their lifestyle began to be adored and glorified by medias, giving fame to the biker life. An idea born in the 60s, which turned into a whole movement for many.

In 1992, Cornwell was arrested and imprisoned for his involvement in various crime related activities. The club was briefly headed by Graham, who soon withdrew from his position. The investigation of the club was not stopped and soon the police put more pressure. Several drug and weapon connections were cut out and the money in the club became low, leading to different arguments. The city saw many changes in gang structures, led by the CRASH division operations. This made many mix-ups around the city as the Slayermen tried to lay more low than usual, avoiding their turn. In the near month, an operation was performed as the clubhouse was raided, arresting many of the members. Who was left out, fled the country to seek avoiding the police. Nikolai "Nine" Taylor was one of the people arrested members. After his release in 1993, he became the acting president of the club, alongside Joseph "Dirty" Hayworth as the temporary vice president. The club settled in Los Flores and began working under Los Santos based Italian mobs, who granted it work and payment. With Hayworth acting more sober, the club were seeking new enforcers. Johnny "Jew" Lynch and Jason "Snake" Robertson took the sergeant at arms and road captain spots, respectively. Jew was the sharp side of the club, getting himself often in trouble as he preferred the gun over talking.

Rebuilding the club in a new location, under the command of Taylor it drastically changed it's direction. The club opened doors for Hispanic members, who were great in numbers for the area. Meanwhile taking orders for local mobs, the Slayermen got back on their feet. At this time the club became very close on the inside, becoming cold to outsiders out of distrust. Many new members were either patch overs, transferred, ex-prisoners or associated to insiders. Under the supervision of Hayworth, the club moved back onto focusing mainly on drug distribution. The main alchemist for the drug ring operation was Miguel "Fox" Calderon, who was the so called cook for the crack and dope. Working various labs around the city, just one area wasn't enough. After a meeting, temporary ties were made with members of Varrios El Corona, giving a new spot for the club, who pushed street dealers to do the work. After the agreement ended, the club then put the bad memories aside, so they can shake hands with the Vagos, getting another corner. Close to Los Flores, this gave the club a dominant part of the map for business. The club lowered the aggressive level which Cornwell directed the club at and took part in organizing several local events such as fighting tournaments and car shows. The club stopped working for the mob and began operating independently like before. Everything seemed fine until a police raid performed by CRASH, discovered the main drug lab. The club settled in a remote location in East Los Santos and focused primary on keeping their other labs working. A deal was made with the police, as valuable information was given to them in order to cool down the situation. Hayworth luckily evading arrest, took his mind off track as his attitude changed even more. He stepped down to the sergeant at arms spot, while Taylor was calmly cruising the gang to a good direction. After a dispute between Lynch and Calderon, things in the club turned bad. A week later, Calderon was found stabbed to death under a bridge in Los Flores, an act committed by his club for betrayal. Wanting to be nothing less than a real brotherhood, the club continued to tolerate only those who were acting as brothers to each other, with respect. By this time, with it's various chapters, the club rose to fame as one of the big motorcycle clubs in the country. Other chapters were seeing their share of problems, but still managed to stay strong. One such chapter from Liberty City, managed to secure a connection in Los Santos between the Slayermen and the newly moved in Diablos. In exchange for territory work, Jason "English" Earls, a member of the club, secured peace between the two sides. By this time Hayworth took the drug control in his own hands again, slowly going back to sweating for the patch.

In 1994, Nikolai "Nine" Taylor, stepped down of control, handling only the business side back as a treasurer. Many volunteered for the president spot, but the core membership left it vacant. After a while, the clubhouse became more silent than usual, giving home to a couple of renegade lone riders, because club members were spread over the country. One day, a new and ambitious person, Misha "Lucifer" Rodderick, with his two loyal companions, Jenniffer Dixon and an agile guy called Flash showed up in the clubhouse, looking for an old connection in the Slayermen chapter, named "Dirty". Finding the chapter in a mess and dispute, the situation made Lucifer disappointed, as he didn't want to believe that one of most famous motorcycle clubs on west coast was in disarray. After spending a few days in Los Santos, Lucifer gained reputation, power and trust needed to be in charge of the group. His task isn't easy - to bring the Slayermen to the old glory it had once with help of his loyal companions and lone riders he met in town.

After grouping together with familiar and new faces, the group started pulling strings and setting connections through the city, calling back old members. Rodderick settled in the president position, while Harry "4R" Black was the vice president. The two didn't get along from the start. Harry was seen as one of the people who were going to net the leadership spot, until Rodderick arrived. Many disputes happened between the two as both men had their own opinions about subjects. Each had a group behind himself, ready to back him up. Harry wasn't having anything of what Lucifer was telling him. Instead he decided to take important manners in his own hands and act solo. The limit was reached when Harry tried to assault Lucifer's girlfriend Jenniffer. With a tough and long road on the way, Rodderick felt upcoming problems must be dealt with immediately. 4R was seen unfit and an order was given to eliminate him from the ranks, having him put in history as the first man killed by the club after Fox' murder.

Rodderick surrounded himself with trusted men, those who he felt would help him up in hard times. The club made connections and started supplying areas of Los Santos with guns, an agreement that kept the Slayermen off enemy grounds. Still, they had the Ballas to worry about as old rivalry along with newly made stirred conflicts led to the two organizations often meeting eye to eye in a violent way. Johny "Jew" Lynch, a known veteran was the new vice president, known as a violent and unstable man, he often caused conflicts, but his hard hand was of help in protection. Many hits and errands were set under his control or his personal involvement, with Andrew Chiller acting as the intelligence agent, gathering valuable information. Apart from watching their backs for any purple colors, the club was on it's feet. It had a strong membership and acquired some properties of interest in the city. Guns were being pushed to Temple, Seville and El Corona and everything else was smooth. During what was happening, Lucifer and his girlfriend Jenniffer slowly started to fade away from each other, loosing contact. She searched for happiness with another man - Brian "Black" Spillner, a soon to be Secretary. Rumors began spreading around the club of them two until one day the truth was unraveled. Lucifer felt the separation and wanted to let Jenniffer go. Avoiding any conflict, he gave way for the new love to be, while focusing all his energy on the club business.

During this time two old members returned from Vice City - Joshua Graham and Brian Green, with the second one becoming the Road Captain. Now in shape, the club was spread between drugs, guns and other businesses. At churches often time would pass discussing connections and where should the club head to with everyone pointing at a direction. Brian "Black" Spillner and Mike "Mad Mike" Smith were amongst the top members associated with drugs. Other members wanting to focus on drug shipments, while others kept the garage running, money was flowing in from everywhere and everyone wanted a cut and to be involved. With Peter "Gran" Cornwell being still in prison, the club showed no promise of going back to it's old ways. Instead it focused on a more civilized approach, often co-working with street gangs, law enforcement and other organized factions. As a whole, the club embraced the modern 90s approach and worked undercover on a lot of areas as it was now experienced, learning from it's past years of mistakes.

After many years, the Club had many Presidents, but most of them failed. Misha Rodderick had dissapeared in the 90's and noone ever saw him again. Now in 2013, Martin McKay came from San Fierro to Los Santos with his brother Jimmy McKay to visit the famous Slayermen Motorcycle Club. But to his displease, noone was there to welcome Martin. After a couple of weeks, Martin had learned that the clubhouse was for sell and decided to gather up some money and buy it. Now having bought the clubhouse, he even got more known and gained more friends. Together with his brother and a friend named Sheamus he decided to start a new chapter with him as the President. As the President, Martin had to make deals and organize the club. So he made his brother the Vice-President and Sheamus sergeant at arms. Jimmy, Martin's brother invited a couple of people to the club, including Casper, who is now Martin's secretary. Martin discovered there was a rat inside the club, and employed ''Kevin'' to find the rat and execute him. But Martin discovered the rat on his own, who is his own brother. Martin didn't doubt a second. He took out his revolver and shot Jimmy twice in the chest, with no regret. Not long later after the death of Jimmy, a man named Trevor Rogers showed up claiming to be the ex- Vice president. Martin and Trevor spoke with eachother and agreed that Trevor would be the new Vice President. Together they would start a new chapter.

The club grew slowly in numbers and also in power. Martin made more connections with various people including Micheal Ganzelli and Daiman Foley. Martin was now officialy regocnised by many people as the acting President, but he still had many enemies lurking around Los Santos trying to hit whenever they got the chance.
Martin met a man named T.J. who claimed he was a desert rider and asked for help to murder his leader. Martin took the offer and murdered the leader and also the desert riders crew members in the progress. As T.J. was the only one left of his crew, he now plead his loyalty to Slayermen MC and Martin accepted it. After the dissapearance of Kevin, Martin met a spanish man named Juliano, who he later nicknamed Espana.

After the dissapearance of Trevor Rogers, the club and its members weren't seen around the clubhouse. Nobody had seen Martin either for a while.
There were rumors about the move of the club to the more outside of the city. But no one believed the rumors were true. As the club was surrounded by enemies, Martin returned saying that he was on a trip. The club had become weaker by the time Martin had returned, and the rumors were becoming the truth, as he was thinking of expanding the club.

Although this, Anton arrived to the club of Slayermen M.C. Who was introduced by Drew, an member of the Nomad charter. Anton, also known as Viking. A Swedish thirty two year old man took over the club as Chapter President, along with his few recruits. The M.C are now slightly increasing within membership and are getting stronger by strength by the days.


There are five ranks within the hierarchy of the council. The council are the people whose basically running the club mainly, and are to be talked with if any urgent communications are to take place. Votes for example are taking place by talking beforehand with one of the council members. If a patch-holder was told about an upcoming truce, it's important for him to deliver that message to one of the council members. There are two outsider ranks within the entire hierarchy, hang-around(supporter) and probationary member(prospect). Those people definitely got no say, and they're not welcome within the church/chapel where votes and urgent discussions are being going through. As they're not yet patched, they're training themselves to prove themselves worthy amongst the members. Then there are one rank that represents the patch holders, they're named ''Slayer''. They must be on every single meeting that's arranged, they're to pick one or two prospects to guide around with. They got a huge responsibility laid in their hands. Now, more about the council. The council involves the five ranks - President, whose the main club-leader, anything lays on his hands. Vice President, a real important person amongst the club, he's got a reputation to protect, a club to protect, brotherhood to protect. A huge responsibility lays in his hands. And we got the Sergeant at Arms, whose in charge of the safety around the club, club meetings and club-cruises. He's also a very respected and well known structure within the club. And so we got the Secretary. The secretary is in charge of the clubs income and its economy. Very often, the clubhouse contract is signed by the secretary. A secretary is very trustworthy and it takes a lot of loyalty to prove. He also takes care of urgent/important meetings with different clubs or organizations. Deals and so on. Last but not least, we got the Road Captain, he's organizing cruises, taking care of small businesses and deals regarding the clubs diplomacy and sometimes hierarchy. The road captain is first on safety when it comes to cruises, he makes sure everyone's ready beforehand taking off and so on.


Clynell ''Nell'' Wilmiers. (( [MC]Tuck ))

None ''none'' None.

Sergeant At Arms
None ''none'' None.

Walter ''Temper'' Keach. (( [MC]Tjungu ))

Road Captain
none ''none'' none. (( [MC]None ))

P.H Slayer(Patch Holder)
? ''?'' ? (( [MC]? ))

Probationary  Member(Prospect)
Vinny ''?'' Unknown. (( Vincus ))
Simon ''?'' Gren. (( Wayne ))


Identifies the member being the organization leader.

Identifies the member being the organization co-operative leader

Identifies the member being the  head of safety and security.

Identifies the member being the head of economy and incomes.

Identifies the member being the head of maintaining routes and organizations.

Identifies the member being an ordinary member.

Identifies the member being an probationary member.

A member who wears ''ITCOB'' has done something very well for the club it also acronyms ''I took care of business''.

A member who wears ''NUNYA'' would never rat the club out or a club member to an governmental agency. It also acronyms ''None of your business''.

A member who wears ''ASSA'' simply supports the club. It also acronyms ''Always Slayermen, Slayermen Always''.

A member who wears ''FSSF'' simply supports the club, it also acronyms ''Forever Slayermen, Slayermen Forever''.

A member who wears ''FTW'' is a very sensitive and aggressive member, it also acronyms ''Fuck The World''.

A member who wears ''NAME''(name patch) are not afraid to identify his name. His road name are visible on his jacket/vest.

A member who wears ''8Ball'' patch has been in prison for a quite long time.

A member who wears ''13th'' patch is either selling marijuana or methamphetamine or selling it. Or he simply loves to ride his motorcycle for long cruises. ''M'' is the thirteenth letter within the alphabet (M)arijuana, (M)ethamphetamine, (M)otorcycles.
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Slayermen Motorcycle Club - San Andreas [A.S.S.A]
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