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 ✞ LIL RAZOR ✞ - Fuck no [Raffael DISS]

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PostSubject: ✞ LIL RAZOR ✞ - Fuck no [Raffael DISS]   Mon Dec 23, 2013 3:48 pm

So you think i'm playing with you dog?
I'm for real!

Beat starts at: 0:05

You represent Rollings and they think you got talent,
You ain't got shit, just a fucking gun which is airsoft,
This is Los Santos we ain't playing around,
Wake up yo' lame ass or imma shoot you to the dead.

You live in Jefferson and you think you're cool,
Imma tell you son, you are just a fool,
You think you're hard cuz you represent a gang,
But that fact is that you are close to dead.

Your name it's R', is this true?
Those streets are called Rollin' and are not for fools,
Go back to yo' mommy and tell her you had a nice day,
But the fact is that you are a fucking gay!

You think you gonna be someday someone bigger,
You are just another nigger,
Who represent and kill for money,
Another player from those streets, honey.

Hoover is fucking bigger,
You gotta show him respect, cuz i'm ready to pull the trigger,
The gun is pointed at 'chu, there's no way to leave,
I will end this story and i will whack you.

And don't answer back, this is hard shit to follow,
And you can't spit nigga,
So you obviously must swallow,

Raffael, man you can suck my fucking dick,
And tell to the whole world,
That you got murdered by a fucking pretty bitch.
I smack you up, like i did with your mother.

--- **BREATHS** ---

Oh, hello my name it's Raffael,
Gangster name proacher,
I eat so much shit, I got dukey in my toaster
I need to run and hide beneath the ground like a gopher
Either that or change my name or my career might be over
I sound like I’m 10 and I’m not much older
I think i'm a dope gangster cause i got couple of drugs,
But the fact is that i'm the best gangster cause i got no balls.
--- **BREATHS** ---

I heard a lot of shits about Rollings streets,
I was there and i saw those ain't no kids,
They ain't playing, just like you,

Hoov' is a real O.G from these streets,
You're just a fuckface nigga with no fucking teeths,
You acting cool and asslick all the nigga's,
To get respect and act bigger.

Imma tell you boy, I ain't playing around,
I will end this shit cuz i don't got too much time **In Video Lil Razor is checking his golden clock*
Oh, i will bring that with me *shows his Golden Glock*
And i will cap your ass if you fuck again with me!

This nigga Raffael it's another bitch nigga, a snitch and he don't know who is he fucking with it, he think he is hard and cool cause he bought an airsoft, he is using drugs and fuck hoes just cause he wanna be bigger, he don't got a fucking dick he is a fucking poor nigger, real nigga'z don't play, this are rollings street and here you can't play.

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✞ LIL RAZOR ✞ - Fuck no [Raffael DISS]
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