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 Report on Kollegah

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PostSubject: Report on Kollegah   Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:50 pm

Your server name:[TDF]DaTaDa

When did this happen (date, time)?: His non-rp ramming/trollng happened today in the morning and he refused to rp and /q'ed to avoid rp some minutes before. ((Check the topic's time))

Who are you reporting?: Kollegah

What are you reporting this person for?: Okay, first of all, today morning me and my members were RPing in Temple and then Kollegah came and non-rply rammed us over. (Trolling).. Now, before some minutes he came to Temple where me and my members were RPing, he was like "I'm the best, fuck yall" ICly; obviously unrealistic as he's an SBF outsider. Anyways, so we took all that ICly and tried to beat his ass, then when he was going to drive off, I RPed jumping in his car and he tried to shoot me with a weapon (he failed due to driving while trying to shoot me when i was exactly behind him and having my hand around his throat) so, my members were following him and PITed/shot his car and stopped him, when we surrounded him and he couldn't do anything, he starteed /b'itching and then /q'ed to avoid the RP.

Evidence: Sadly, I don't have a lot of pictures, I've got enough to prove this though. Also [TDF]Big, [TDF]Jenniffer, [TDF]Makaveli and [TDF]Dogg are witnesses.

Here you go. the SS's;

The ramming. I didn't take any SS exactly at the moment that Kollegah rammed us, but you can understand that he rammed us if you read the chat.

That's him refusing to RP and /q'ing to avoid RP, as I stated above, I don't have more pictures that would make it easier to understand what exactly happened, but these two proves that he /q'ed to refuse RP and I've got a lot of witnesses.

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Post Lover
Post Lover

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PostSubject: Re: Report on Kollegah   Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:07 pm

Well people,i got also screens against [TDF]Big for insulting.
But if i post those it will end into a endless childish niveau discussion.
I /q'ed because you guys pissed me off very hard.YOu guys will win this report i know...YOu are more then me and if you all say the same together the admins will believe it.Yes did this this NOON and it was just a "for fun" revenge,to your carjacking attack on me yesterday. Now i will answer to the latest one.
Big always been provoking me OOCLY as asswit and so on.Well childish to handle like that.
And since my character is a "Gangster" he wont let people disrespect him like you guys did. So i shoutet at you,while i was in my car,ready to drive off and did a "/do holds a glock in his hand,ready to shoot". Well then datada jumped into my cars backseat (didnt asked if i rp it as coupe "Maybe using a mod").Well my character began to try to aim at him with the gun,while he tryed to choke me. I did /me aimst at datada,shoots multiple times. I did a /coin to make it fair. The coin landed on the head,wich means success.THen he began to cry around that i cant do this,its not fearing etc.
Well you also didnt feared then...i warned you per /do that i have a gun in my hand and im ready to shoot you if you do a wrong move. So you didnt feared.Also you said im rping a youngster icly so you wont fear me.Well you cant decide how old my char is.OFcourse you can ask per /do,but besides my char is 39. Then later on i was trying to discuss this out with them per /b,but Big and the others began to throw 1000's of words at me,insulted me and flamed.
Sorry but i didnt wanted to start an endless childwar.
So guys stop turning this into a flaming and crying orchestra.

Yes,all of us did a little mistake.But man...cant this flaming and crying stop on this server?

PS: Big,watch your tone! Words like "Bastard,Asswit" or other insults you throwed at me can make YOU banned one day.I got screens with more bad words you said to me,but since im a polite guy,i wont show them Wink
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West Coast Gangsta
West Coast Gangsta

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PostSubject: Re: Report on Kollegah   Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:31 pm

I see leaving, I see flame. I can't see the main events of the RP. Considering you admited you've done said things I'll quickly respond. It was ramboing from you to even be there from the first time. Going to the hood of a gang a starting a fight with them on your own?That's a deathwish. Big was flaming at 3 of the SS's and I can only imagine he had had said more and for that he'll recieve 30 mintue jail time. In situations like this it's best to re RP the sceanrio, considering it was broken from the begining we won't do that. Kollegah will recieve 20 mintues jail for /q and ramboing. I didn't bother reading your argument here but it seemed like a big one. deleted all comments and forum warning both of you for spam.
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PostSubject: Re: Report on Kollegah   

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Report on Kollegah
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