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 Lil Dizzy - TK Runs It

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PostSubject: Lil Dizzy - TK Runs It   Fri Oct 18, 2013 7:05 pm

*Radio Los Santos, G'D UP Radio Channel*

Lil Dizzy talking:

Yeah, i'm a neighborhood superstar, my nigga. Rest in peace Dizzy and all fallen homies!
Shootout to my Kilo Tray homies! New generation will take over.

Verse 1:

From 'da gold age till 2013, niggas from 'da Tray still keepin' it real
'Da walls covered with tags and graff',
Innocent niggas got fucked up by 'da motherfuckin' LSPD staff
Mornin' to midnight, 'da hood full with purple,
Burnout been doin' by crazy niggas with 'da form of circle
Glen Park beena' protected by Kilo Tray, all day bangin' on 'da hood!
Purple rag on 'da left side
Glock on 'da right side
Every motherfuckers heard 'da hood tales
Rats and c-6 can't do shit on 'da hood,
Niggas are smart and kno' how to crack down 'dese dudes
Born with 'da bangster flow and put on 'da real shit,
Step on 'da hood alone, you can be hit

Lil Dizzy talking:

It was an intro, my nigga.
Yes. Reality.

Verse 2:

In modern days, cops will try to keep a playa down
Word to Dizzy,
This is the real shit, believe me
'Da hardcore rap movement thangs need me,
I don't know why OG Loc was tryin' me
We are bein' in gangster life, thats our destiny
Yes, briefly. Tray niggas still on 'da turf,
My homie TK will keep it on 'da level
TK runs it, we keepin' it real,
This is how TK lead
In simple sentence, enemies can't bring us down,
Don't bring 'da role of a clown.
TK is 'da runner, we'll always get 'da dope comer.
We got many connection, don't try to stop us,
Still bein' in Ballas culture.

Lil Dizzy talking:

Yes motherfuckers, it ain't mainstream. Real street shit.
Much love to Glen Park bangsters.

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PostSubject: Re: Lil Dizzy - TK Runs It   Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:27 pm

*TK checks the song on RLS site*
*TK as he listens to the track*:Mmh, not bad.
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Lil Dizzy - TK Runs It
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