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 Lil Dizzy - Wankster ( OG Loc diss )

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PostSubject: Lil Dizzy - Wankster ( OG Loc diss )   Mon Sep 16, 2013 3:48 pm

*You'll hear it on Radio Los Santos, G'D UP Radio and UG Rap channel.*
*Julio G broadcast it.*
*The riddim was boosted with bass.*

Lil Dizzy talking:

*Vocal effect*

Shit nigga, OG Joke said ''you mad as mow'fukka, aren't chu'?''
That wankster sounds like Pikachu. Damn!
OG Jooooke! It ain't your era bitch, it ain't 90's! Fuck your new old skool Grove bitch-braaah-braaah whatsoever.
It's 2013, new skool nigga! Okay!

Lil Dizzy:

OG Joke was back with his fake ass mowfuckin' rhymes,
Gonn' tell you 'dat i was laughin' at 'dat time.
Why you keep dissin' me ? People already kno' 'dat 'da winner is me.
It was a mistake to reply me.
What is it OG Joke ? Grove wanksters are too scared to come at Glen Park,
Bitch, don't be scared when it's dark.
Y'all wanksters need to come at ma' hood we will if y'all can make 'da show,
Gonn' rape Grove homegirls and gonn' make some doggy doggy doggy show.
Your momma was playin' 'da squeeze game, you betta' kno' 'da reality,
Real shit, OG Joke!
Your momma was too bitchy, i'm tellin' you 'da reality.
OG Joke, it ain't a joke,
'Da advice is to stick your motherfuckin' AK in ya' ass, OG Joke.
You will neva' kno' 'dat i will fuck your girl,
She will scream ''Don't please''
Ya' gay homie Wax down, haha! OG Joke, you are bringin' 'da role of a clown.
Passin' through ya' dead neighborhood with my low-low,
Grove wanksters were layin' low.
People are bumpin' ma' track, 'dats fo' sure,
Because i got 'da real gangster flow.

*Vocal and Filter effect*

OG Loc is a wankster, his another nickname is ''sucker'',
Nigga, you ain't a rapper, you are just some another sucker.
You behave like a retard on the stage, Og Joke.

Lil Dizzy:

You tryna to be hard,
Dissin' you ain't so hard.
Grave wanksters are weak as fuck, y'all are just playin' 'round.
Already kno' how to hold a gat,
Comin' to see you soon, you gotta cover your head wit' 'da cowboy hat.
Bunch of real bangsters on ma' back,
Niggas are burstin' out of laughin' while they are listenin' to your track.
Ma' rap is rich,
While Seville niggas and Temple are callin' Grave snitch.
You keep dissin' me 'kause you tryna to jump on ma' dick,
The next work fo' you will be suckin' some big dicks.

*Vocal and Filter effect*

Fuck fuck fuck fuck!
This how OG Loc's girl did When Dizzy fucked her.
OG Joke will hold a dick.
Bouhaaaaahaaaaa! Loc isn't the king of black gangsta nation! He is the hoe of the nation.

Lil Dizzy:

You called ya'self 'da gangster queen and 'da gangster rap father,
Shit motherfucker,
Get your own identity, motherfucker.
You don't kno' what is ya' status, wankster ?
You are 'da parody of Homer Simpson,
I hope you got it now, son.
You are 'da son of many fathers, wankster!
When you laugh, you sound like Spongebob, wankster!
Your era is over, you ain't 'da lord of rap,
You are the bitch of rap !!!
Your momma was winnin' to lick some, she was like ''oh please''.

*Vocal and Filter effect*

Loc said ''Grove are real mow'fuckin' G'z!''
When 'da C-6 will come at his hood, he will be freeze!
Homage to Gax,
Rest in piss, Wax.

Lil Dizzy:

You forgot how bullets feel, I will show you,
Kilo Tray niggas bang till late at night, ma' homies will fuck you up on sight!
I'm a real bangster I do what i want to,
You got the LSPD with you wankster so don't trip,
Glen Park, where there are real gangster shit.
Your time is up,
So next time, you better shut the fuck up.
Your rap career is a joke, your life is a joke,
Matter of fact, OG Joooooke,
And you must heard 'dat your words were a joke,
I won't leave the scene til the police show, OG Joke!

*Vocal and Filter, double voice effect.*

OG Joke, dumbass!
Lil Dizzy has kick your ass!
OG Jooooooke, it ain't a joke.

Lil Dizzy talking:

You are in trouble now OG Joke, hahahaha!
Don't diss me again yo, haha! I have more than 'dis!
Good night, wankster!

*Music fade slowly*

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PostSubject: Re: Lil Dizzy - Wankster ( OG Loc diss )   Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:02 pm

[FYB]Kush: This nigga nice!
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WCL Player
WCL Player

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PostSubject: Re: Lil Dizzy - Wankster ( OG Loc diss )   Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:21 pm

((( Finally a 2013 beat)))
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Golden Poster
Golden Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Lil Dizzy - Wankster ( OG Loc diss )   Sat Sep 21, 2013 1:18 pm

Lil_Erick wrote:
((( Finally a 2013 beat)))
(( 2012 beat. Very Happy ))
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PostSubject: Re: Lil Dizzy - Wankster ( OG Loc diss )   Sat Sep 21, 2013 2:37 pm

*[TDF]Lowride Opens the Radio And Turn the channel on G'D UP [TDF]Lowride:Wankster? *Laugh" Sick rap nigga you are sick I Will find you! and kill you *[TDF]Lowride Turn Off the Radio And Sleep (Collio loc your the best rapper Wink )
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PostSubject: Re: Lil Dizzy - Wankster ( OG Loc diss )   

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Lil Dizzy - Wankster ( OG Loc diss )
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