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 Lil Cube - Never catch me lackin.

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PostSubject: Lil Cube - Never catch me lackin.    Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:54 am

Cube talking: Whassup with them L.S niggas? Wanna shoot me with da’ Kay-kay?

Do it if you can , Globins. *laughs*

You know I’m not hangin' with fake niggas because my bullets just *Click clack* Bang bang , if this niggas talkin’ shit I’ll take him down , If this nigga with da’ shits I'll take him down , You

know Glen Park-Kilo we claimin (K-BLOCK) I'm ere' just since a yougin’ and if you start with da'
shits I’ll take you down. You know I’m GSK and if you start with da’ shits I’ll take you down , 1.8.7 in your

hood and let some bodys down’ shoot a nigga down like its nothing'
You know I got the 47 with one hundred rounds , you never catch me lackin’ boii’ I’ll keep da’ heat’ OG Joke

with the shits' I'll just hear gun sounds comin' to your hood and drop you down
(bang bang) My niggas clack for free everywere’ no payment’ they will clack you .

Biitch you know I'm Dizzy world and if you disrespect I’ll put you around .
Cube talking: Whassup with ya’ll Globin street’famz? Lost a nigga , Wax? My niggas clacked him that’s good? *laughs* Turn that shit off man.

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Lil Cube - Never catch me lackin.
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