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 Digest of Ohio; Motor Vehicle Laws handbook

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Digest of Ohio; Motor Vehicle Laws handbook Empty
PostSubject: Digest of Ohio; Motor Vehicle Laws handbook   Digest of Ohio; Motor Vehicle Laws handbook Icon_minitimeTue Sep 03, 2013 11:27 pm

Hello, today I'm making this topic to introduce ways of making your driving role play more realistic. I will post a link below to the Digest of Ohio; Motor Vehicle Laws handbook. This is a handbook given out to teen in the state that I live in that gives specific instruction on operating a motor vehicle and the laws that come with it. I'm not saying that what's in this handbook should be law, I personally think it will improve the level of role play within the community as far as driving. In my state you have to study this book before being able to take your drivers permit test. After which you would take your driving classes, then you'd finish off by getting your license. I just think it'd be a great idea for everyone to give this a little read-through. Who knows, you might learn something that you never new before about driving and common laws that come with it.

This guide isn't meant to insult anyone, instead it's meant for people to give a look at it and find ways to improve their driving possibly. I'm not he best driver IG and I haven't read completely through the book, but I do think that this is a good idea for anyone looking to brush up on their driver's-ed.

Here's the link: http://publicsafety.ohio.gov/links/hsy7607.pdf
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Digest of Ohio; Motor Vehicle Laws handbook
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