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 Spook the MC - Purple brothers.

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West Coast Gangsta
West Coast Gangsta

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PostSubject: Spook the MC - Purple brothers.   Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:45 pm

[0:10 - Speech]:
This song is dedicated to all the dope pushers in Los Santos,
as a dope pushers I mean the Ball-Suckers from Idlewood, Jefferson, Glen Park and Temple.

[0:20 - Starring]:
Yo, what's up Glen Park suckers?
Also what about Idlewood fuckers?
Jefferson became a shitty hood, after the ballas stopped acting good, yeah,
Im not in mood, I won't act like a wood, I will come to you and make some blood.
Hood, what about hood, hood is the place where you was born, but I'll give you some stoning brainly porn, yo,
Temple Drive is a place for fools,they smoke that crack and act like a mules,
they never heard shit about real hood rules, im standing here I got my tools
I can blast you straight in the head one by one to have fun, you better to run, im taking out my gun.
All you together is a funny thing, most of you niggas fucking really stink, yo, no more.
Because I killed all ouf you, llike animals in a fucking new york zoo, cheah.
Get out of the map, your rap is a piece of crap, all of you have a funniest rag, use drug, die together and without homie hug, FUCK!
Im the Spookie MC, killing all the ballas sets with no regrets,
so I will do it again and again, I will tie around your neck my fucking original chain.

[Music stops fastly]

Alright, homie, stop this shit, im out. *Laughs*.
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Spook the MC - Purple brothers.
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