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 OG Loc - Pull a trigga'

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PostSubject: OG Loc - Pull a trigga'   Thu Aug 29, 2013 6:11 pm

[Loc's talking]: Gheeea'! Here we go third time, OG Loc with tha' Ganton old school flow,
A'ight a'ight, nigga still didn't give up, Ha-ha with his whack shii'..

Dayumm..nigga rap with my beat, fuckin' kid..he can't make his own, mo'fuckin clown.
Shii' again, you rhyme "flow" with tha' "Flow", can't make a better rhyme? homo.
Playing a game "Squeeze" along with my wife? One thing, I don't have a wife,
and don't let me stab chu' with my knife.
Tha' Fuck, I've never heard fo' game "Squeeze", 'cuz this is just your infect head, dizzy.
Ha-ha, "OG Joke and his fake crew"? man, I diss you alone and don't say chu' didn't knew.
Nigga, I won't listen to your rhyme, 'cause this is weste of my time, betta' doin' crime,
on your fake nigga'z, pullin' triggas. ha-ha.
Again your rhyme is "OG Joke and his wiggas are just mainstream wiggas",
What the fuck?? Ha-ha, work on your rhyme, while we pullin' triggas.
That my momma is a bitch? ha-ha, while your momma lick ma' dick.
Chu' are waiting me in Glen park, while I'm waiting you to make a better rhyme, it's time.
I'm not scared of dark, all day all night screaming fuck tha' Glen park!
Chu' fucked tha' whole my homegirls "wigga" haha, I already fucked them,
I don't even need them nigga.. I'm a thug you a bitch, fuckin' snitch.
I should stop a smokin' weed?? Why 'cause you a kid??

[Chorus]: Cheeea', OG OG less' go on, pull a trigga, balla gone!!
              (BANG BANG!!*gun sound*)
               Cheeea', We ain't scared of dark, all day all night screaming fuck Glen Park!

[Loc's talking]: Ha-ha-ha, nigga betta' stop it..chu' can't touch me, fuckin wanna be.
Dayuuum....ya think we already stopped??  hell nah'!! check out.

Hah, I should take this as a warning??  ha-ha nigga chu' fun, lemme' grab the gun.
Cheeaa' "Dizzy you are the real man"..aha, chu' just my fan, damn!
Ha-ha,"Get yo' lil flow tighter" more tight than your skinny ass can't be, wanna be'.
Nigga please..chu' don't even have a low-rider, I'm tha' night-rider.
C'mon, chu' callin' this your whack shit a diss? When chu' see, you just freeze.
Again stealin ma' word's.."Ya'll motherfuckers need to (eat some food)"..ha-ha, good.
Boom Bang, G' street B'z on your hood, sellin' a drug food..fo' yo' addict nigga'z,
along with chu'...fuckin' foo'.
Dayuum, I won't eat yo' dick, I already give chu' a small one, with my magic stick. haa!
Ayo' "Gayton fool's"? Don't provoke our tool's..cheeeea'.
Ha-ha, pass my tonque on Lil Dizzy dick?? inposible, 'cuz there's no dick, chu' are sick.
And chea', that isn't Gayton menace, this is just another diss, fo' nigga's who quickly freeze.
There is only you who makin' a "Drama", while I'm fuckin' your sexy momma.
Chu' know what chu' said on a first track??  the same bullshit like on this track, this a fact.
Chu' think I'm a weak, you a pig, can't even make your own beat..
I can smell your stinky feet from tha' Glen...I thought you a clean, ha-ha.
Dayuum, out of crack?? fuck man, get a money black..
Gheea', make anotha' diss song, while I'll smoke a two meter's long bong,
Full of weed, than make your nigga'z bleed, from tha chest, better wear a bullet proof west, BANG!

[Chorus]: Cheeea', OG OG less' go on, pull a trigga, balla gone!!
              (BANG BANG!!*gun sound*)
               Cheeea', we ain't scared of dark, all day all night screaming fuck Glen Park!

[Loc's talking]: Cheeeaa', fuck ya'll redneck mow'fukka'z.....C'mon diss me back again!!!!
OG Loc will kick ya'll with tha' flow!!!  ha-ha-ha, Lil squeeze you can't make yo own beat, that's why stealin mine..ha-ha, shame on you busta, and chu' callin' yourself rapper??
Rapper?? Ha-ha, chu' already stealin' my words, rhymes and now beat's!?
Go ahead, chu' are nothin else but a loser, fuckin crack abuser, get outta' my business.
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PostSubject: Re: OG Loc - Pull a trigga'   Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:07 pm

*[KTB]Loc: Hahahaha, ''get a money black''-... when a nigga won, everybody knows it. I already exposed that OG Joke. I'm done-.. He tryna to do the same shit, i murdered him.
*[KTB]Loc turns off the radio and grabs the pen, starts to write text and letters on the paper.*
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OG Loc - Pull a trigga'
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