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 Dog Ownership Guide

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PostSubject: Dog Ownership Guide   Dog Ownership Guide Icon_minitimeThu Aug 29, 2013 6:22 am

Hello! I've decided to make this guide because I find that it can help players that struggle to create role play for themselves occasionally and can help them out by giving them ideas and possibilities to start role playing. Essentially this is a guide to role play owning a dog. I've decided to focus on this animal because its fairly simple, typical, and enjoyable for everyone that role plays around you wether it be in your faction or another. In this guide I will list the essentials of role playing as a dog owner/handler, this includes all of the following:

    I. Selecting & identifying your pet
    II. Popular dog breeds, appearances, and their behavior
    III. Closing

I. Selecting & Identifying your pet

Firstly I'd like to start off by using this example, a dog that has no name usually doesn't follow direction well due to its lack o knowing that its being spoken to directly. For this reason your first step in being able to role play your dog is knowing/creating a name for it. The bond between man and dog is incredible so why not have your dog be a large part of your role play so that you'll always have something role play. Wether it be buying food, going for a walk, etcetera, you will never not have anyone to role play with. It's important to always make your dog have an important part in any role play that you participate in; driving, walking down the street, sleeping, selling narcotics on a corner, etc. Anyways, your dog's identity and how you portray it will have a large part to do with how well others see your role play. Another thing that will help you correctly role play your dog is knowing its breed, appearance, gender, etc. However we will cover that in part II.

II. Dog breeds, appearances & behavior
Creating an identity for your dog will be much easier if you have a specific breed in mind as this will help you in role playing how it acts around people wether they be friendly, neutral or foe. For example a dog like a Pitt bull would react differently to someone yelling at its owner than a terrier would. The Pitt bull would react aggressively; barking loudly, growling, etc. Below is a list of dog breed that are popular amongst people that seek protective or guard dogs. However I don't recommend role playing any of these breeds regularly, try to mix it up and be apart from the usual. Don't be like everyone else and role play having a Pitt bull because it's known to be vicious. Role play owning something like a Labrador Retriever. This list was just of some basic ideas for breeds, make sure to look some of your own up too and study the breed to see how it acts.

III. Closing
Finally I'd like to thank everyone for viewing this guide and note that the entire thread and concept was made up by me(Nyne) and I don't mind it belong posted on other primes as long as proper credit is given.

Anyways, I hope that this guide has helped you and given you ideas as to how to handle role playing a dog handler. Please not that it will never be simple to role play this because not only do you have to act as our character but as the dog as well. I do hope that some embrace this idea and come up with different ways to have dogs included into their role play but please remember what's wrote about choosing "the strongest" dogs of the bunch, choose something that matches your role play style and try to be unique.

I want to thank you all again for taking your time to check this out and please give me your thoughts on the topic. This will eventually be updated as well!
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Dog Ownership Guide
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