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 Jimmy Nynes - Ready for war (Wax Diss)

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West Coast Gangsta
West Coast Gangsta

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PostSubject: Jimmy Nynes - Ready for war (Wax Diss)   Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:34 pm

[Track starts]


Yo these Grove street bitches ain't ready for war, they some straight up bitches for sure. Yeah grove street pussies aim ready for war, y'all some straight up pussies for sure!

[Jimmy Nynes:]
Yeah my names Jimmy you heard me say it you ain't ready for war. Got guns cocked, we'll kick in your front door, I said you niggas ain't ready for war! You came at Prince, that was your first mistake, he's sorta like a brother to me so don't mistake ill hit you with the biscuit come back around your block and ill twist you. Pussy nigga you should've know I could riff you.

It's about to be a slaughtering session you thought I was gone, nah I went under for possession, an illegal weapon come around here you'll get touched by my smith and Wesson. So here's your lessons dont get to stepping, and watch out what you're repping because you don't want to meet my Mac 11.

Yeah, you grove street niggas ain't ready for war y'all some bonified bitches for sure.

[Jimmy Nynes:]
Yeah get some of the boys on you, roll on you. Don't let my finger slip, that trigger rip. Brains on your Momma's Porch.

Yeah I lived in Grove my dad was a banger them big as set him up an he fell for the cliff hanger. But no that ain't me I went with the s-ville straight outta seville where cash runs the blocked the families run the spot and nigga best believe me you will get split hit me up when your rap game's legit, motherfucker!
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WCL Player
WCL Player

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PostSubject: Re: Jimmy Nynes - Ready for war (Wax Diss)   Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:05 am

*Erick's takes attentions on Nyne's words on the rap , and he laughs headly*

Erick: What a fuck is dis'? *laughs* this bitches think they kingz? I got two Kay kay's man.
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Golden Poster
Golden Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Jimmy Nynes - Ready for war (Wax Diss)   Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:09 pm

*[KTB]Loc listens to this song.
[KTB]Loc: Since i'd diss OG Joke in my first track, now everybody is usin' this technique to attack their enemies. Not bad at all.
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PostSubject: Re: Jimmy Nynes - Ready for war (Wax Diss)   

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Jimmy Nynes - Ready for war (Wax Diss)
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