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 Cube - Everyday (indirect diss to OG Loc)

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PostSubject: Cube - Everyday (indirect diss to OG Loc)   Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:26 pm

Bitch i’m Kilo Tray I’ll take your life no talk no fight.
Cube nigga i’m goin’ insane , everyday I fuck your bitch , everyday i’m GSK today  Catch wax’ lackin

in a bike and blasted him with da’ Kay kay , and his nigga I dont give a fuck nigga, I dont

give a fuck nigga you better stop the flex’ nigga before I blast your ass nigga.
If you keep your shiit GS’ I’ll keep my shit GSK,  like that bitch out my way, I’m sendin’ ya’

message when I catch you on the street’ (*Girl voice* Please don’t do it*) BOOM BOOM nigga.
I’m too crazy’ nigga I always sell in your block’ your niggas accept my shiit’ and all my money goin’ in dope that’s everyday’.

Fuck Temple gang , fuck Seville gang , Fuck Grove gang.
If yall wanna catch me I’m waitin’ on Glen Park at the West , at the South eveywere’ GSK shiit man.
Cube talking : Yall wanna beef? 7:00PM at your hood nigga.
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Cube - Everyday (indirect diss to OG Loc)
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