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 OG Loc - Can't touch me

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PostSubject: OG Loc - Can't touch me    Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:33 pm

[Loc's talking]: Dayuuum!! Here we go again'...nigga Lil Squeeze won't stop with his whack shit rap..
A'ight I'm fine with that, gheea'! Fuck it, DJ drop that Gangsta flow...lemme' show.

A'ight a'ight, here we go with gangsta flow again, smokin with ma' nigga'z in 'da van.
Lil squeeze, chu' can't even make a rhyme, betta' take anotha' crack line.
Cheea', again stealin' words from me?? why chu' fuckin' with 'da Big E??
"Wigga please, go and eat some cheese" What tha' fucc' is this a rhyme??
Fuck that I don't have a fuckin' time..
And what the fuck means "Wigga"? chu' fuckin' grave digga'.
That I'm a prankster? chu' a Rhyme thief not a gangster.
Drop that act before you get smack..
you ain't any kind of gangsta you are just another wanksta.
Chea' "Gax and Joke are bitches", chu' and your nigga'z are just a fuckin switches.
A'ight call me Ice cream man, there in yo' head is a fuckin crack-den.
I'll come with 'da Ice cream van by the Glen, and sell than.
'Cause there are just a kid's , wanna be's G's...ha-ha fuck it.
Gheaa nigga' I was workin' at tha' burger shot, smokin' weed, make my eyes bleed,
While you was smokin crack, makin' yo' head infect.
Nigga please, chu' can't find any else word than "cheese"?*laughs*
Nigga you rhyme shot with shot, Chu' should work on yo' rap, and feed yourself with 'da food.
Not a crack, chu' fuckin' addict black.
People's like me y'll reject? Nah..like I said in G' Street B'z track,
Ya'll jealous 'cause' ya just wanna' be me, chu' see me! OG Loc!

(BANG BANG BANG!!*gun sound*)

[Loc's talking]: Yeah yeah yeah! We ain't finished yet, I got few more rhymes fo' anotha' fake ass nigga,
from Glen park named "Cube"..cheeaa' that's right faggot "Cube" steppin' in this game...aiight aiight, check it.

Nigga Cube, please stop it...lemme' show how we nigga'z drop it, geeea'.
Dissin' me? go ahead I will cut your neck.
Chu' got some AK's, Glock nine SK's..I have only one thing fo' your mouth in this case,
Big black dick!  Suck it bitch, I ain' fuckin rich..got only dick fo' chu' in my pants,
My big hands, smack your face...this ain't no race, this a battle..in this fuckin' case.
Look at your face, nigga chu' a shame fo' our race!
Nigga chu' can't catch me up, 'cuz I'll bust you up, black!
Cheeea' "GSK everyday" chu' will pray.. nigga you can't kill me, I'll make 1-8-7 with ma' dick in yo' mouth, chu' will feel me.
"OG Joke is a really comedy"?  Nigga lick my dick fo' free, fuckin' wanna be.
And chea..shot my ass without paymant, I won't pay anyway cuz' chu' a fuckin gay.
"Kilo Tray Ballas that's the gang"?? ha-ha, G-A-N-T-O-N where I hang!!
Bang bang in your head, make chu' wet, fuckin fag.
Get the fuck outta' my face with yo' man Dizzy, 'cause I'm to busy..

(BANG BANG BANG!!*gun sound*)

[Loc's talking]: Shii'..tha' fuck "Twitter"?? chu' mo'fuckin ass licker,
Ayo', check this out! Fuck Lil Dizzy I mean Squeeze *laughs*, fuck Cube, fuck the whole Kilo tray!
Nigga'z ya'll should work on your rhymes, 'cause ya'll suck, num'sayin??  
Anyone else tryin' to diss me?? Go ahead, I'm waitin...got a fuckin' unlimited rhymes in my mind,
Fo' your fake face's!!  'Cuz I'm straight outta' Ganton, fuck off!
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PostSubject: Re: OG Loc - Can't touch me    Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:37 pm

/me hears the song in the radio, bopping his head with the rhytm of the beat.
[GSF]Wax: Real Shit. Fuck that bitch ass balla.
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WCL Player

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PostSubject: Re: OG Loc - Can't touch me    Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:45 pm

*Ericks turns on the radio while he notices OG Loc's voice on the beat*
Erick: Shiit shiit' he killed it'! He killed it!

*Cube's checks his SMS phone it's writen : You dont know? OG Loc dissed you.
*checks the Youtube application and sereaches for the song and found it.*

Cube: You ain't about that life' OG Joke.
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PostSubject: Re: OG Loc - Can't touch me    Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:07 pm

[KTB]Loc: Still the same OG Joke-... I don't know if still people in San Andreas call this gangster rap.

*[KTB]Loc laughs.
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PostSubject: Re: OG Loc - Can't touch me    

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OG Loc - Can't touch me
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