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 Lil Dizzy - Hey Wax ( Wax Diss )

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PostSubject: Lil Dizzy - Hey Wax ( Wax Diss )   Tue Aug 27, 2013 7:12 pm

Lil Dizzy talking:

Hahahahaha, who the fuck is Wax? Damn, pretty sure it's OG Joke's hoe.
Hey Wax, stop jumpin' on Loc's dick. You'll regret otherwise doe.

The song starts:

Hey Wax, are you even a rapper ?
I bet you are just some another sucker.
Wax, stop talkin' shit and stop lyin'.
I'm tellin' you that i ain't trippin'.
I brought the West Coast rap thangs back.
All my homies and Kilo Tray soldiers got my back.
This track is for you, i'm sure that you already got screw.
Hey shigga, i don't give a fuck where you from,
East to Westcoast I'll bang my gun,
You better wear a vest when you come outside, Hahahaha!
Wax, i'll shoot you  in ya heart.

Hmm, looks like Wax has fart. Shit! Hahahahah!

Wax, you are a wanksta,
I'm a real gangster,
I'll tie your faggot ass up, let you die in the trunk,
I'm from the eastside of Glen Park, nigga i ain't a punk,
Ride through Glen Park, my hood painted on them bricks.
I fuck you up man.
You run like a chicken.
Forget Loc because he won't give you a hand.
Yeah, yeah! Base 5 Records! Big up!


Wax, wax, wax, gax, gax.
*Gun sounds.*
Nobody believes you Wax! People in LS is laughing at you.

Send this message to Loc, tell him i'm waiting for him.

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PostSubject: Re: Lil Dizzy - Hey Wax ( Wax Diss )   Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:43 am

/me shakes his head in negative menner while listening to track*
[GSF]Radman: Whack shii'.."Send this message to Loc"?? damn, chu' are not tha' man enough to send me this massege by yourself..
/me laughs*
[GSF]Radman: Anyway..there is no message, there's just a whack shii', Skinny ass can't make a proper rhyme..
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Lil Dizzy - Hey Wax ( Wax Diss )
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