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 G' Street B'z - Album: Ganton Menace - Song: Purple Bitch

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PostSubject: G' Street B'z - Album: Ganton Menace - Song: Purple Bitch   Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:39 pm

Flowin' like that nigga Pac,
This is the second track,
Niggas on da hood call it real rap.
You want beef? Nigga lets see.
Got my finger on the trigger and i'll pull it.
Try to run faster, then my motherfuckin bullet.
So better dont make me mad, dawg.
Cuz' chu' a fake G', like the nigga madddog.
Ganton OG's, we're straight from da' streets.
You better dont come to grove to provoke,
Otherwise your ass gets smoked.
Wax and OG Loc', that aint no Joke.
Glen Park, Front Yard, Hoods full of hoes.
Fuck you bitches, it's all about the Grove.
You have to agree'
Niggas like me,
will always keep it G'.
So, wassup',
These days GSB is on the Top!

Loc's talking: Gheaaaa'...."cough"...that's what I'm talkin' about, kickin' on 'em fake ass balla set's....Word up, word up!!!! A'ight aiight..less' do this..

It's OG, OG' who else can be?? Hell chea', It's OG Loc yeah that's me, nothin' else but tha' Ganton G'!
And when it's black on black, that makes it shitty, can't survive in Los Santos city...
OG Loc is the name, the beats still bang, still doin' ma' thang!
Gimme' the gat, so I can bust yo' purple head...
I'm callin' this double..me and Wax, kickin' this track..
Ganton, Seville and tample together, rainy weather..... above the balla set's, when we packin' straps..
We talkin' 'bout balla shit.. we can give them straight hit in their ass, C'mon nigga step on gas.
Nigga'z burried in my ashtray, burn slow, better pray like it's your last day..
Chea, chea this is G' street B'z, enemies will pray "Don't please" 'cause we step into this...real mow' fuckin' G's.
We don't play, better pray.....drawing wall's with 'da green spray.
Don't step to my turf, 'cause I'll make chu' blind, with showin' tha' "Grove street" gang sign.
Bang bang! sound of ma' tool, chu' better go to school, fuckin' purple fool.....

Loc's talking again: Grove street, lemme' know ya in 'da house!!
Grove street members: Gheeeeeaaaa'!!!!
Loc: Ha-ha, that's wussup!! Fuck Glen Park, fuck Idlewood, fuck Jefferson, fuck Market..fuck all this fake-ass nigga'z, 'cuz G' street B'z kickin' it real tonight! Ha-ha.
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PostSubject: Re: G' Street B'z - Album: Ganton Menace - Song: Purple Bitch   Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:04 pm

[KTB]Loc: This shit is whack, the words don't mean shit in LS. *laugh*
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G' Street B'z - Album: Ganton Menace - Song: Purple Bitch
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