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 [GSF]Phat's Leadership Application For Grove Street Families

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PostSubject: [GSF]Phat's Leadership Application For Grove Street Families   Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:48 am

IC Questions

Character Name: Denzel Kingston
Character Age: Twenty five
How does your character look: Denzel Kingston has black and white sneakers as his shoes, he wears black coloured baggy jeans for his legs, has a green coloured jersey as his body clothing, he has a silver cross chain around his neck and throat, finally followed by a black and green hat placed backwards on top of his head to finish up his clothing set. Denzel Kingston is standing tall at six point one feet, Denzel is very muscly almost every part of his body. He has a six pack, Denzel is also skinny.
Tell something you know about this gang: Grove Street Families is the main set in San Andreas's single player. They have several members wondering around and chilling all around Ganton either smoking, drinking, cruising, packing a heater or killing an enemy gang member.
Your background story: Denzel Kingston was born on the seventh of December, nineteen eighty seven. He was born in Los Santos General County Hospital and he was raised in Grove Street. He's currently twenty five years old. Denzel Kingston started his first day for school when he was five years old, he didn't like school much. He was doing good in his first couple of years until he reached high school, this is where he started failing.

Denzel Kingston hated school, so he took many days off of school, he was even contemplating on wether to drop out of high school or stay. He was still keeping it real with his childhood friends, Denzel and them hung out everyday in Ganton. They always wrecked shit up, wether it was vandalism, stealing or hustling old equipment they used back in the period where they were children. They would always observe the adults which were in Grove Street Families, they learnt most of the stuff from them.

Denzel's parents, which are Tyrone Kingston and Sarah Kingston, always used to yell at Denzel, telling him to go to school or to do his work he received from school. Denzel didn't give a fuck, he thought he was gangster, his inspiration was to be exactly like O-Dog, oh yeah, O-Dog is his role model. As Denzel grew up, he started to open his eyes. Denzel had enough of this shit and thought it was time to do something, time to prove them wrong.

Denzel started to get his shit together, which was going to school everyday and do his work he received. This caused Denzel to lose some of his friends and to not hang out much everyday. Denzel went on to finish high school and received his diploma. He was very proud of himself and because of that achievement, he received money from his family. Denzel spent his money wisely, buying gym equipment for his training and food, drinks and other stuff needed to survive. Denzel decided to move out of his parent's house, he wasn't thinking straight, he thought living with his parents would make him seem as a wimp at the age of eighteen.

So he moved over to Jefferson Motel, which was a very, and very bad idea. Denzel's first few days spent in Jefferson Motel was good, until he started losing money and getting poorer. Denzel was very muscly at the age of twenty, he was proud to be muscly and to have a six pack. Anyway, Denzel was forced to leave Jefferson Motel which he did. He went back down to Grove Street but his parents didn't let him in.

Denzel's father was affiliated with Grove Street Families, Tyrone Kingston, which is Denzel's father, died in nineteen ninety due to several bullets hitting his chest. No one knows how this happen, or where, when, who and how. Denzel met Grove Street Families's leader, which was a man who goes by the name of Crow. Denzel hung out with him and others, getting jumped in shortly after that. Denzel quickly earnt a lot of respect and trust from Grove Street Familiy members.

Denzel was still in touch with two of his childhood friends, they went to meet up at the Burger Shot in Idlewood, Denzel was close to Burger Shot, his eyes went wide and then shouted both of his friend's names, pointing towards the up coming purple vehicle. Silence spread for a few minutes before one of the Balla members shouted, "Yo, yo, yo!". Gunshots were spreading the entire scene, hitting both of his friends in almost every part of their body.

A tear dropped from Denzel's eye, as he watched the scene with a sad facial expression. Denzel raised both of his hands to his head, looking shocked as he watches the scene. A few minutes after, cops and paramedics started to show, taking over the scene. Denzel walked away, having flash backs of what had just happen. Anyway, Denzel became one of the top dogs after a few days after the scene occurred. A couple of months after that, Crow died due to a drug overdose and Denzel is now trying to take over Grove Street Families.

OOC Questions

What is your in-game name: [GSF]Phat
What is your real life age: Thirteen.
In what time zone you live(GMT+3, GMT-1, ect..): GMT plus ten.
List the previous factions that you been in on this server: [TDB] [RHB] [KTB] [FYB] [TDF] [GSF] [VLA] [PD]
What faction do you want to lead: Grove Street Families.
Why do you want to lead this faction: Sniffie left me and Compton the leadership, Compton and Sniffie left and I would've aswell but I changed my mind and I didn't. Meaning I'm the current leader? I haven't got any replies from Compton and I didn't want to keep people waiting, so I just made an application. I also wanna lead Grove Street Families is because it's one of my favourite gangs in San Andreas.
List the members you have so far: I'll ask the current and remaining members if they'd wish to join me. Same goes for the outsiders. I'll edit this soon once I've started asking members and outsiders.
Can you be a good and active leader: Yes, I can.
Did you read the gang leadership rules and do you agree with them: *I am in full agreement with West Coast Life Roleplay faction rules*

Roleplay Related Questions

Explain the term PG: PowerGame is when you attempt to do something that is not possible to do in real life and it's when you force role play against another player.
Explain the term MG: MetaGame is when you mix the following IC(In Character) and OOC(Out Of Character) together.
Give an example of a good /me command: /me slides both of his hands into his pockets, looking around his surroundings before developing a bored facial expression.
In what cases /do command should be used(give 1-2 examples): /do What would the results and overall be when I attempted my action? /do How would [insert name here] look like?
Give yourself a grade of your RP Skill from 1 till 10: Eight out of ten.
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PostSubject: Re: [GSF]Phat's Leadership Application For Grove Street Families   Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:40 am

Aren't you automatically the leader? I must be confused.
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PostSubject: Re: [GSF]Phat's Leadership Application For Grove Street Families   Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:16 am

Well, Sniffie did give me and Compton the leadership. Sniffie and Compton left and I'm the only one remaining. So I guess I am, but I made this application because I wasn't sure. If I am the leader then please lock this, thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: [GSF]Phat's Leadership Application For Grove Street Families   Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:22 am

you're free to take the leadership as it was handed to you, locking.

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PostSubject: Re: [GSF]Phat's Leadership Application For Grove Street Families   

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[GSF]Phat's Leadership Application For Grove Street Families
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