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PostSubject: E/S ROLLIN HEIGHTS BALLAS   Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:58 pm

Fall of Doug's Era.
Who was Doug? Well, Doug was just a young teen who didn't know what he was getting into, and he wasn't very careful throughout the streets of Los Santos, and he easily was caught off guard by law enforcement officers and thus incarcerated to the Red County State Facility. Right now as we speak, you think it's over, done, it's all. Rolling Heights just fell onto the ground again, everything is lost. But well, we can't get too ahead of ourselves, can't we? Even though Doug wasn't the most smartest criminal mind in Los Santos, but he sure did pack some backup from around the states, who could maybe look over the neighborhood for himself. Jefferson as we know is filled with dangerous individuals, who can get ahead of theirselves and land themselves into the same situation that Douglas is in right now. But to do that, that person who he calls 'backup' had to be capable,  trustworthy and ofcourse really dependable. The perfect man for the job, was Kareem Gardner. Doug had used time to call Kareem through one of the prison phones, and explained him what happened. Kareem is a 26 year old african-american male who comes from the slums of Liberty City. Kareem was a real careful guy, real dependable. Doesn't do alot of things in the spotlight, likes to remain unknown around the police department, unlike Doug who's in prison as we speak. Kareem would be a drug pusher around the poor areas of Liberty City, he was making really money-- well, as we speak, Kareem already packed his stuff, took the first jet to Los Santos. He decided to look after Jefferson, and he'll see how he'll do with Rolling Heights.

Rolling Heights now in Kareem's hands.

Kareem's most recent photo taken in Liberty City.

Full name
Kareem Gardner
26 y/o
Born and raised
Liberty City, Hepburn Heights
Current place of residence
Jefferson, Los Santos

So, Kareem's now in Jefferson. He's getting to know Los Santos more better and get used to live there. He's been to Los Santos before with few acquaintances of him, nothing interesting, just having a good time. But now, he'll have to get used to Jefferson and try to survive out here. He's had further contact with some of the people who might be related to specific gangs, but that doesn't matter for now, what matters is that he has to look over for the neighborhood, avoid making any wars to gain spotlight to the neighborhood, and that's it. Sounds pretty simple, but in Jefferson and other neighborhoods that are filled with gang activity, there's always gonna be some youngins who're gonna just get trigger-happy, what Kareem though has to do is to try stop that from happening and try to do the best he can to take care of the community around Jefferson.
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Posts : 882
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PostSubject: Re: E/S ROLLIN HEIGHTS BALLAS   Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:32 pm

Still being worked on.
Information classified for the department only.

An example of some of the graffiti scattered around the region to indicate the gang's pressence in Jefferson, the tags commonly has the acronym 'RHB' which stands for Rolling Heights Ballas.

Rolling Heights Ballas
Rolling Heights Ballas are an african-american Ballas set that control the east part of town, mostly the region of Jefferson. They wear the infamous purple colour to indicate the connection with the infamous Ballas gang that used to run in the 1970's. The gang conducts numerous of crimes, from fractures to felonies, which include unarmed assaults, robberies, kidnappings, murder, etcetera. The set is proved not to be tending to be active in the past year, and when analyzing, Jefferson has dropped it's crime rate to a lower state, however from time to time a felony is commited where serious police action have to get in involed, with a member of the gang identified as Douglas Meador can take an example, where he had numerous of murder charges tied onto him.

Ranking structure
Rolling Heights has a categorization of people who own a specific place within the set and has it's own authorizations.

The Kingpin owns alot of respect and reputation, most likely inarcerated, the Kingpin is the absolute leader of everything within the set. He directs operations to outside rankings to carry out.
Street Command
Gets the word from the Kingpin inside prison and then makes sure the following get carried out.
The man who carries out operations with soldiers, avoids getting into the spotlight.
The man who most of the times gets his hands bloody.
Street Soldier
One of the lowest of them all, but still owns a place and is an official member. Has no authorization and needs to follow any command that's given. Considered as dependable and trustworthy though.
Serves no place in the set at all, a complete stranger within the set. Not so trustworthy yet.

Rules of Conduct
Once being intiated, the gang member has to follow the rules of conduct and respect each any every rule stated below. Once disobeying, a member can get easily punished for their actions. The rules are taken very seriously.

1. Never speak to the police, in no circumstances. This includes being an informant, snitching or being a decoy. Once we find out, it's your life.
2. Respect each and every one of your homies within the set. Respect is important. If you want to be treated the same way and be respected, then respect. This includes respecting the higher ranks.
3. No fighting inbetween the homies. We have better things to do than just fight with each and other.
4. Going to an enemy territory with having the intention to cause trouble and problems without a green light isn't allowed. Always make sure you get a green light from a Warlord.
5. Blood in, blood out. You kill to get in, and you get killed to get out.

The set has specific relationships with operative organizations in Los Santos. The set has it's enemies, neutrals and allies. Currently, it's unknown, but it's suspected that the set is highly connected with Front Yard Ballas and has some alliance of sort inbetween the two sets. Has bloody beef with Temple Drive Ballas and Grove Street Families. Any other gangs that aren't mentioned are neutrals who they don't mind about.
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