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 † Grove Street Families †

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PostSubject: † Grove Street Families †   Mon Jul 15, 2013 5:54 pm

Sammy "Crow" Reed - [GSF]Sniffie

Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris - [GSF]Big_Dog

Denzel "Phat" Kingston

Sean "Sweet" Johnson - [GSF]Vacant

- "-" -

Lance "Ryder" Wilson - [GSF]Vacant


- "-" .

- "-" -

- "Amber" -

Barry "Big Bear" Thorne

Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross- [GSF]Vacant


* - Get 3 of these = Promotion.
* - Get 3 of these = Demotion
* - Get 3 of these = Kick out/CK
* - In-active due to IRL problems, will be demoted / kicked if not heard from him anytime soon.

First of all, to join the Grove Street Families, you have to have good RP skills, and a good activity, also a good record on the server, we don't accept gang hoppers / major rulebreakers / previous hackers / Multiaccounters.

You have to go through something called Character Progression, when you're joining this gang, meaning you have to Roleplay as a teenager(14 - 18 years old), and as your character progresses through the gang, you'll age up and become older and more experienced.

Don't know how to RP a teenager? Here's a guide for you made by Lil_Dan.


Also, to be able to succeed in this gang and fully join it, you'll have to follow the gang's In Character and Out Of Character Street Code/Rules, which are situated below.

1. ALWAYS wear yo' flags, never drop yo' flags down, be representing yourself twenty fo' seven.
2. NEVER cause problems to 'em cops unless your life depends on it.We don't need them bitch ass cops on our tail.
3. Be nice to the homies from the Grove Street Families and to the other family sets.Don't be no set trippin' motherfucker, and show love to all of your homies.
4. Never leave yo 'hood unless you got more experienced homies with yourself, or unless you been given a job by the Shotcaller.This goes to every nigga in the hood that thinks he can solve shit alone.
5. If you somehow got into deep shit, you come to me and then you lay low, don't be no hero and try to solve shit by yourself.
6. DON'T smoke no CRACK, we ain't them bitch ass Ball-lesses.Weed is allowed.Also if you see any crack dealer in the hood, beat his mark ass up and show him whassup.
7. NEVER snitch on your homies, no matter what, snitches get stitches like bitches, so think twice when you about to snitch, fool.
8. Blood in, Blood out - you took a life to get in, you give your life to get out, no exceptions, you leave you die.

The upcoming rules are strict and need to be agreed to stay/be a Grove Street member.

1. You cannot go out of the hood, without any permission!

2. Don't stay only in GROVE STREET, split up in other areas arround Ganton.

3. You cannot use cars if you're walking in /GANTON/ this is a strictly rule!

4. The Gang Lieutenant or higher can organize big drive-by's or shootouts with Ak's, Shotguns, Tec's, UZI's or Glocks.

5. The O.G's can organize normal drive-by's with UZI's Colts and Tec's, only 4 man on a mission allowed!

6. The lower ranked people can only go tag up with the young Groves! You're warned for this!

7. Playas cannot use cars! Not the cars you can drive!!

9. Don't spam /b with useless stuff, RP at ALL times and keep /b on a minimum, I'm dead serious about this and I'll warn if I see you spamming /b.

10. If you see a passing car, for FUCK'S sake DO NOT shoot at it.IRL there are 100000 cars in LS, DON'T SHOOT at them unless you're 100% sure they're ENEMIES.

11. DON'T walk with your gun OR aim your gun around for no reason, it's annoying and STUPID, plus think of the consequences if the cops catch you, even if you got a license, DON'T DO IT.

12. If you break any of these rules, you'll be warned for it after repeating it, you're kicked/banned from GSF!

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† Grove Street Families †
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