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 How to Join

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PostSubject: How to Join   Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:13 am

Golden Palms - Micklo, Slick
What does it mean to be apart of Golden Palms?
You're a teenager, maybe you got parents or not.Some of the characters should really attend school often and we roleplay over on Little Mexico near Alhambra.
You get into trouble often, you just don't give a fuck about your actions and only care about yourself, your homies, and your respect that you earn.
The respect you earn will get you far in the gang, and If you know to stay smart by watching your back you can make it far.
What the fuck can I do In-game? Don't fucking just stand there and go /b every second because you're so bored. If you don't want to roleplay, then just /q because I'm done wasting my hours waking up in the morning to roleplay with people in different timezones.It's up to you to make up your own ROLEPLAY. Use your goddamn imagination, everyone has one. You have to be realistic here, go to the bathroom, watch TV, play sports, or talk shit about other people. Bring up anything in a conversation as long as you remember you live in the ghetto and most of the time you're in a bad mood.
I sometimes go in-game and somebody brings up, "Fail" "Rape van" etc. You're supposed to be a teenager who probably only cares about getting bitches, money, and how tough you are in the eyes of others.

Varrio Los Aztecas - DoughBoy, N/A
What does it mean to be a Varrio Los Azteca?
These guys are like teenagers, adults, and anyone is able to join either crew because at the end of the day we still hang out together but it's more like DoughBoy(Or whoever is leading VLA Crew in the future) is a Capo/Lieutenant and controls his side of the members.The aztecas were the first people to go to El'Corona before Golden Palms and have more culture like speaking with Spanish more often. Varrio Los Aztecas are the guys who keep it old school and might even wear Cyan rags. In Golden Palms/Varrio Los Aztecas the rules stay the same and the ranks (Offical Members) are the same but they just have a different people that controls them. I control everyone in general though. Both crews probably do the same shit but have a different person who has control over their actions.

Regarding Screenshots
Every single fucking person outsider or insider has to post screenshots.
There's free editing programs like Gimp, Paint (NOT MS PAINT), and other ones around the internet. Check up on my screenshots and here is the tutorial where I got mine from.
I use Photoshop but this tutorial is for Photoshop and Paint.
Here is a screenshots tutorial from ColinB (LS:RP) (May also have errors in the images)

Here's a video tutorial for GIMP by BlvckScvle

How come there aren't no other topics?
Keeping everything in one topic is far more better and less work for myself.
I like to also keep rules, ranks, and other stuff for less metagaming will be involved and who's what in the gang.
Just remember to stay smart in character and don't snitch or do dumb shit.
I am recommending to always listen to a high rank.

How long does it take to join
Not too long and I don't count days, maybe like a month or something.
Long as you are super active and do a lot of work in-game you will definitely make it.

If you need help with your character's name, age, or any more questions please let me know and I will help you.

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PostSubject: Re: How to Join   Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:14 am

I will update the topic later with more stuff, but this is REALLY RECOMMENDED TO READ, OUTSIDERS.
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How to Join
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