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 Jason Croft's LSPD Application [Re-Apply in 1 week. Denied by Jefferson]

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PostSubject: Jason Croft's LSPD Application [Re-Apply in 1 week. Denied by Jefferson]   Wed May 01, 2013 8:23 pm

In Character Part

Dear applicant
You've chosen to apply for the Los Santos Police Force. In order to bring this application to a success, you'll have to fill in the questions correctly and with honesty.
If you completed the application you may click "send" and your email will be delivered to our Recruitment Unit, they will check if your application is valid or not. If your application is valid they will send it to the Chief and/or the Commander for further review. The Chief and/or Commander will decide if your application is valid or not. If your application have been reviewed as "Invalid" you'll receive a reply to it. If your application have been reviewed as "Valid", you will also receive a reply to it. The best of luck!

Personal Information
First name: Jason
Alias / Middle name: Michael
Last name:[/b Croft
1982, London - England
Current and past occupation: Toll Guard at LSTC (Los Santos Toll Command)
Education: University of Yale.
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Relatives: Carla Andrews - Wife.
Daniel Croft - Son.

Did you ever had a trial against you?:No
Have you been arrested before?:No
-If yes, which accusation?:

Have you been detained or searched before?:Yes
-If yes, wherefore were you suspicious?:No

Background story (50 words minimum): Jason Croft was borned in London - England, for a rich family, he studied all his way up to University, then when he looked for something to do, he moved to Los santos to search job, then he found work at LSTC, where he still works at, and recenty Jason tried his luck on Los santos cadet academy.

User Agreement
I, [Jason Croft], declare that I filled in my application with honesty. I declare that I will show enthusiasm and affection as Police Officer. I swear that I will remain my honesty and that I will remain my loyalty to the President of the United States and the mayor of Los Santos.

Jason Croft

Out of Character Part

Do you master other languages excluding English?: Portuguese
Timezone: Don't know

Previous server factions: -
Why do you want to join the PD?: Because it can be good rp, and my friend rocce helped me with the roleplay a bit now.
Are you willing to remain loyal?: Yes
Do you have a basic knowledge of the PD basics, ex.: Miranda Rights, Arrest process, etc...?: not at the moment, but my friend will teach me.

Explain PG: Powergame is doing something that can't be done in real life, and making someone do the rp by force.
Explain MG: Metagame is using OOC things for IC.
Explain CK (Car and Character): Car kill is ramming someone with car and staying on him, Character Kill is killing someone character and he won't be able to use it anymor.
Explain RK: RK is returning to the scene after being killed.
Explain AP: don't know.

Fill in [Yes] or [No]
-If [NO] - declare a reason:

  1. Am I allowed to pull over someone because I'm bored?:[NO]
    If "no", why?: because it's non-rp.

  2. I have to read the Miranda Rights before cuffing the suspect:[NO]
    If "no", why?: after cuffing him

  3. I have to frisk the suspect once I'm inside the Department:[NO]
    If "no", why?: it has to be on scene

  4. I am allowed to jail for an amount of time given by myself(The applicant):[NO]
    If "no", why?: i must ask a higher rank.

  5. I am allowed to speed whenever I receive a back up call: [YES]
    If "no", why?: an officer needs backup, so we must help the fellow officers.

  6. I am allowed to ask the Chief for a promotion after finishing a case or big mission:[NO]
    If "no", why?: he has to decide himself.
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PostSubject: Re: Jason Croft's LSPD Application [Re-Apply in 1 week. Denied by Jefferson]   Mon May 13, 2013 7:28 pm

- Los Santos Police Department -

Dear Mr. Jason Michael,
We have successfully received your request to join our forces. I, the chief of the police, decided to Deny your application.
You are not driven enough and not motivated enough to my own preferences. You may re-apply in 1 week.

((Inactive. Make sure to be online for at least 3 times a week and 2 hours each day.))

Los Santos Police Department
Frank Tenpenny
Chief of the Los Santos Police Force
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Jason Croft's LSPD Application [Re-Apply in 1 week. Denied by Jefferson]
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