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 O.G Rydah - Outtah Pen

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PostSubject: O.G Rydah - Outtah Pen   Wed Apr 24, 2013 2:47 pm

Ryder Talkin: "Geeeah mo'fuckah!.."Puff Puff"...Dey' got meh locked down fo' 6 damn yearz foo'!.."Cough Cough"...Cheee' dayum!...But damn nigg' I aint no bustah!.."Puff"..I'm bacc' on da' blocc' to let ya'll mo'fuckaz kno'!.."Cough"..I aint changed a bit!!...Chu' act a bustah I still pull a cap in yo ass punk!.."Puff"...One-Time or Balla' I dont give a fucc' nigguh!.."Cough"...Homie Families!...

Chea' boy I ben doin' sum' time but now I'm back
Already slangin' crack,Down fo' jack,smack or juss' pop ya' fuckin' neck!
See I dont give a fucc' I tought I told ya' befo'
But since I'm outta' pen I aint stoppin' I want mo'!
I want to slang sum' blow an' catch ya' slippin' fo'sho!
But alot of new faces joined teh gang that I don't know
But fucc' it Imma still be down fo' teh set
Down to make ya' vet like my shermstick cigarrete
Already packin' gat an' fuckin' new hoodrat
But I got a lil' problem since I'm out
One-Timez wathin' my ass dey' tryna' scout
Tryna' catch me for good I heard them talkin' loud
Man fucc' dat' I aint no bustah,I dont give a damn!
Dey' kno' that I'm crazy ass Fam an' they luv' this jam
But brotha' gotta' do wut' brotha' gotta' do
So I throw up my hood I aint actin' no foo'
I represent my set,I represent my crew
An' homies gimme' luv' so everythin' is koo'
Now Imma bounce out and smoke sum' shit
I hope ya' wont see me or else ya' get hit
Cosue I aint no fresh meat
I wuzz' hea' befo' you so bettah listen to that beat
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O.G Rydah - Outtah Pen
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