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 D-Double - Shit's over [Loco Diss]

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Banned Player
Banned Player

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PostSubject: D-Double - Shit's over [Loco Diss]   Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:01 pm

D-Double righ here', Murking division All day bruh',
Bitch ass nigga's thinkin dey can get away with a dissong
Gonn' hunt ya ass down bro, Murking division all up in the streets,
Nigga's say my name but dont want no beef, No lackin my game keep that shit stunning,
Aii aii, This for that bitch ass nigga loco na'm saying, Listen carefully nigga

Nigga is spreading the word, He on a battlefield? He's just a little nerd,
Stop playing round and get on the streets, Or are you gonna hide underneath yo sheets?
And if your album's going platinum, it has nothing to do with luck,
It just means a million people are stupid as fuck Haha bitch nigga,
Let me show you around my city, When i grab the glock the last thing you gon' see are the docks,
Wannabe Ocean eleven, Ye my nigga the ocean is going to be your heaven Haha,
Never underestimate the power in which i'm bussin, My lycris got you hiding,
Shit ends here, Curved ass nigga gonna get murked the second he gets here,
Yeah i leave my enemie's deceased, Look outside Where is your pride?
Left it under the sheets? Better find it because we starting a murk feest Haha,
Bitch Nigga got alot of lines but they dont mean shit, You need rocky to make them a hit Dammm,
Nigga is running away from this beef like oussama and the state, Gonna get ate like grape Shiii
bitchnigga, I'm sorry i dindt finish you straight away, Now you gotta tell your momma that you are gay,
Ski-mask on, Last minute went in, Better say your praying's because you gonna sleep with the fishes,
I gonna make your wife do my dishes, Haha Steppin to me you better be alphabeticly ready
Because my lycris gonna cut through you like a machete, Listen to my nigga freddy,
Bussin with precision if you know my lycrisism you know i'm never missing, Listen
I went easy on you but now you gonna hear the full trueth,
Cruisin round in seville, Found the nigga slippin so i went steady drippin, 16 clippin,
You hear the beat and you know the erge is in the game, Spitting fire like a demon
Aiming on those cats busting caps, Hurricane double run away because i'm trouble,
MC want fame? Come and test my team because we shoot clean, Murking division all day brah

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Bronze Donator

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PostSubject: Re: D-Double - Shit's over [Loco Diss]   Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:23 pm

((Damn, good one. Better than the first diss Very Happy))

*Keelo listens to the song as he says: Shit just got real, pinole.*
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Golden Poster

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PostSubject: Re: D-Double - Shit's over [Loco Diss]   Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:03 am

(( Nice one haha !! ))
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PostSubject: Re: D-Double - Shit's over [Loco Diss]   Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:59 am

(( Dope Man!!! keep it up ))
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PostSubject: Re: D-Double - Shit's over [Loco Diss]   

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D-Double - Shit's over [Loco Diss]
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