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 Temple Drive Ballas - Diplomacy

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PostSubject: Temple Drive Ballas - Diplomacy   Sun Apr 07, 2013 8:04 am

Temple Drive Ballas
Gang Diplomacy

Allies are those who we are friends with, you may chill with them.
Try to stay in the hood though, don't always hang in their hood, homies.
Avoid any type of problem with them, do not mess up the alliances.

[KTB] Kilo Tray Ballas - Location - Glen Park


Neutral gangs are gangs that are not enemies, nor friends.
Avoid contact with these people if you must to avoid problems.
Do not go around making trouble with these gangs unless told.
Keep the neutrality and don't hang with them, or help them.

[RHB] Rollin' Heights Ballas - Location - Jefferson
[FYB] Front Yard Ballas - Location - Idlewood
[V] Los Santos Vagos - Location - East Los Santos
[AM] American Mafia - Location - Uncertain
[MC] Slayermen MC - Location - Las Colinas
[DP] Hepburn Heights Crew - Location - Marina


Enemies are the gangs we are at war with, and beef with.
Any association with them WILL get you killed, no snitches.
You may do business with them IF approved by a high rank..
You can organize attacks on them, but attack VERY rarely.
TDB is not a deathmatching faction and it'll stay that way...

[GSF] Grove Street Families - Location - Ganton
[TDF] Temple Drive Families - Location - Northern Temple
[VLA] Varrios Los Aztecas - Location - El Corona


Business Partners are gangs or organizations who we do business with.
Lay off them and don't provoke them, contact them for business only!

[SBF] Seville Boulevard Families - Location - East Beach Seville
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Temple Drive Ballas - Diplomacy
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