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 Temple Drive Ballas - Information

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PostSubject: Temple Drive Ballas - Information   Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:53 am

The story begins during the early seventies
as almost all of the street gangs we see today were not in existence
back then. However, the only exceptions, were the Ballas, and the Orange
Grove Street gang. These gangs had just started, the Ballas were in
Idlewood, and the well, you know where the other one was. Many other
little gangs were blooming across Los Santos, spread apart from each
other. One was the unnamed gang that was fighting off Ballas control in
Willowfield and Seville Boulevard, and the other were the Templars who
were all across the city in Market. The Templars were a small gang that
just wanted dominance in the area, and to keep their area safe from
other street gangs.
Instead of helping their area, they destroyed
it, by giving it a bad reputation. They did robberies at first, and they
escalated to different more complex crimes. Who started this gang you
may ask? It was Joe Mallone, a black man in his twenties that didn't
want any hate towards his race of people, it was only a few years after
the Cold War, the Kennedy Assassination, and not to forget, the Civil
Rights Movement. The whole country wanted to repair itself, but these
gangs slowed the process. This gang lasted a few years, until the
"Bloody Days" of the late 70's.
The "Blood Days" were some of the
worst years Los Santos had seen, most of these before unnamed gangs,
were becoming larger, and stronger. The Templars were no exception, they
not had gotten a hold of small-arms and more deadly melee weapons.
However, with great power, comes a great problem. Remember those gangs
that had been forming before? Well now, some of them were now allied,
the most significant alliance was the Seville Boulevard and Orange Grove
alliance. They got close, and decided to band together to stop the
Willowfield Ballas. They pushed out the Ballas influence and the drugs
out of Willowfield and Seville Boulevard together. The Families were
The Templars had some problems of their own as well, some
gangs formed inside of the Templar organization, and split up the gang
into two. The members fought over control of the gang in Market, and
this brought disaster. Joe Mallone was assassinated, and this only hurt
the gang more, now it had no leadership, and to top it off, a gang was
forming in North Temple. Tension escalated, and the other gang that had
been formed in Temple just to resist the Templars, saw their opening.
They destroyed the gang, with brutal attacks, and drugs while the
Templars argued amongst themselves. War between the Ballas and the
Families only got worse too, and Market was now on the list for the
worst areas to be in while you visit Los Santos, along with Ganton,
Seville Boulevard, Willowfield, and Idlewood.
Finally, the
Templars saw their end, when members resorted to snitching on their own
friends to the police, and some even to the gang in Temple. The gang
disintegrated by the end of the 70's, and the Temple Drive Family was
born, now that it had control of Temple. Not only that but they allied
with the Families across the city in a meeting, and now the Families
were composed of all three sets. The Orange Grove Gang were dead, and
the Grove Street Families, were born.
That was not the end of the
violence in Market though, now it was the roaring 80's. New gangs
sprouted everywhere, wishing to come to the same level as the Ballas and
the Families, gangs in Glen Park formed, gangs in Jefferson formed, all
over. Soon, the Ballas were up to par with the Families during the mid
80's with full control of Jefferson, Glen Park, Idlewood, and East Los
Santos. If you didn't know, the East Los Santos Ballas set existed back
then. This was a recipe for disaster for the Families, the Ballas all of
a sudden, controlled most of Los Santos. The Ballas were committing
mass genocide, they destroyed ANY gang who wished to oppose their reign,
up to the point where the only gang in Jefferson, East LS, and Glen
Park, was the Ballas.
Meanwhile in Market, a young man named
Tyrell Harrison formed the gang called, "The Marketz". This gang
struggled in the beginning, due to Family influence in Temple, but by
the late 80's the Seville Boulevard Families, and the Grove Street
Families were falling apart, due to drugs, killings, and territory loss,
the Ballas had Willowfield again, and the Willowfield Ballas set was
born. The Temple Drive Families at this time were the strongest gang in
the Families, but quickly lost power due to no support from Grove or
Seville. The Families argued amongst themselves now, drugs were wiping
them out. The Temple Drive Families had lost a great deal of control.
The Marketz were now supreme in Temple, and pushed the Families out,
they fled to Santa Maria Beach, where they established a new
headquarters. The gang was now the only gang around Market, but the same
thing that happened to the Templars was happening to them. The Marketz
were full of youngsters looking to make a name for themselves and a lot
of them were hotheaded, or just hotshots. Violence started among them,
fellow members were ordering hits on fellow members using fellow members
to kill the fellow members. It was chaos, and Tyrell was loosing
control, people spoke against him. He was stabbed to death in the
beginning of the 90's by fellow members after his security was killed by
an organized attack by the Santa Maria Families, which were the former
Temple Drive Families, and the Marketz Insurrection. The gang fell
apart, and by 1991, it was done, the gang split up and everyone did
their own thing.
After this everything happened, the Families
started taking back control, carefully eliminating enemy OG's and high
ranking Ballas lieutenants and members. The East Los Santos Ballas were
wiped out by the Mexican Street Alliance, soon to become the Vagos, and
the Willowfield Ballas were eliminated and pushed back into Idlewood. It
was a double whammy, plus, some Mexican gangs in El Corona started
fighting the Ballas after many disputes, this gang was soon the Varrios
Los Aztecas, who made neutrality with the Families.
The war raged
on, and one man, named Darnell "D.J." Jones brought back former Marketz
O.G.s and members to form the Temple Drive Ballas. He had a lot of
support from the Kilo Trays, and Rollin' Heights. He took control and
one day he and the Idlewood O.G.s met to discuss things, problems broke
out and it ended in a shootout. The Temple Drive Ballas were at war with
the Front Yard Ballas, Kilo Tray stayed neutral in the war, and Rollin'
Heights, who were lead by Darnell's secret brother he never knew about,
Clutch, joined Temple Drive Ballas. The two factions along with the
Families warred with Idlewood, soon Idlewood died off, and Kilo Tray
died off as well after small disputes with the Ballas Insurrection with
TDB and RHB. What was done was done, and could not be reversed. The
Ballas all together collapsed during 1994, and years later, Darnell
returns, now in his forties after everyone thought he was dead, the
whereabouts of his brother Clutch are unknown, now Smokey has control of
the Temple Drive Ballas, and everyone hopes it lasts longer then it
ever did before.

To join our faction you must must roleplay as a young individual
we don't accept faction hoppers so if you join us and you'll leave us
within one month don't even try because it's very depressing.
In the faction we do hood roleplay so if you're into hood roleplay then
you've came to the right faction.
We also want a positive atmosphere which means no ooc beef or
this may result a kick from the faction.
If you become a member here we have a right to CK whenever we want depending
on you ooc and ic behavior.
Being ragged can take up to three weeks so I advice you to post snapshots
and show excellent roleplay.
.Please follow the server rules at all times
.Don't interrupt roleplay with /b
.Never ask the leaders about your promotions.
.Be respectful to others.
Taking snapshots and editing them posting them on the fourms
if needed but not if you don't want to.
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Temple Drive Ballas - Information
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