SA-MP roleplay server mainly focused on gangs in San Andreas
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 [GMR] - Green Masta Records - Rules & Information & Requirements

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PostSubject: [GMR] - Green Masta Records - Rules & Information & Requirements   Tue Feb 19, 2013 5:30 pm


Never beef with a record company this is our friendship (You can beef only with permission of owner)
Don't brake any of the rules and always listen to the owner.
Don't beef with other members of label.

It's recommended to read the following information carefully if you are planning to join our company:

Keep the "Out Of Character" chat to a minimum. Do not use /b to communicate with each other in-game, use the /pm function. It is there for a reason, and you know it.
About joining the company, it can take a very short process, and also, a very long process, can even take as much as we like.
You must visit the forum sometimes to follow all the updates. If you got a complain about an official member of the company, send a private message to the owner of company.
Never ask or send a private message to the Owner just to answer your application quickly, it will end up in a bad result for yourself. You have to be patient.
You have to know all the server & forum rules, and respect them.
If the owner or the Righthand/Manager didn't answer on your application after 1 week, send them a private message, especially the owner. (Means you can send them a private message only after 1 week)
If you already have sended a private message to the Righthand/Managar or the Owner about to answer your application more than 3 times, it will be an auto-deny. (Does not matter IG or in forum).


- You have to know all the server & forum rules as we already said before.
You have to be in a green family set ( Only Grove Street Families, [GSF], or Seville B.L.V.D Family, [SBF], or Temple Drive Families, [TDF].
You have to be active in the forum & server.
Follow the server and forum rules at all times.
Don't brake the rules.
Don't ask for the Righthand or Owner to check your application if 1 week never passed yet. (If you do it then we auto-deny you).

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[GMR] - Green Masta Records - Rules & Information & Requirements
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