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 About using the dispatch as an OOC teamchat.

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PostSubject: About using the dispatch as an OOC teamchat.   Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:30 pm

Hello, I noticed that a lot of people within the faction use the dispatch as an Out of Character team chat, During role play scenes everything should be In Character. You guys are not the only one who did it because I did this to. Now to avoid constant Out of Character messages during a specific role play scene where people NEED to use the dispatch I've made a new rule. The dispatch is now only for In Character matters and if used Out of Character you will get a strike, Three strikes and you are out. I do this so we can keep everything In Character, No more Out of Character messages that disturbs your In Character messages. I hope you guys will follow this rule at all times.
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About using the dispatch as an OOC teamchat.
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