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 Dear TDB

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PostSubject: Dear TDB   Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:59 pm

I know im late to post and stuff and i probably shouldn't either..

I want to say thanks to all our member for staying with us in TDB, we might not have been the strongest gang but i hope you guys understood that we wouldn't take shit from others. We appreciate everyone that has been positive about us.

What im really here to say is that i have made a decision where i don't want to roleplay as T.C' anymore, i want to try the life of the Mafia..

Thanks alot to Smokey for giving me option to play in TDB when i came back to WCL and didnt know where to go.
I really respect that you put this much effort into the gang, and you tried. Im not saying TDB failed, but this half year has not been the best we have gotten.

I also want to thank DoughBoy for being a very loyal leader, putting in effort and staying positive, never going on the back of TDB.
Not only loyal, but a funny guy that i made friends with.

Thanks for all the great rp and troll times. Hope to rape you in another gang.

Good luck to the fucks who take me and Doe's spot, haha!

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Dear TDB
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