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 *Unknown MC - Angel's Cry (Song about handicapped girl) [READ!]*

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PostSubject: *Unknown MC - Angel's Cry (Song about handicapped girl) [READ!]*   Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:15 pm

What happens when you see something you love the most
Getting hurt so bad that her sanity is lost
Trapped in a purgatory between Devils and Angels
She only wants to move on, but she keeps seeing faces
Seeing the mean people, bad people, horrible people
Murderous for few nickels, her dreams became crippled
Bloody demons laugh, while her dignity bleeds to death
She wanted to reach the sky, but she is bound to earth
The chains of lust, agony and pain, why are you breaking her spirit?
Spiked crowd standing on her head, she's the only one that feels it
the sword of hatred, wickedness and immorality stabbed in her body
The bitter tongue of death, an angels contact with everything unholy
You who ruined her innocence, i aint mad at you
I just want you to know that she is only person who forgave you
AInt intending to steal your life, like you stole her everything, even hegs
Im not a murderer, i wont be the one to watch your body hangs
Sis', can i steal your pain and toss it away?
Please, let me delete your suffering at the end of the day
Curtain closes, righteous will throw roses and stuffed toys
Every flower petal i receive is meant for you, your gently voice
I want you to feel the world as gently place for you to rejoice
Im the one who destroys world and recreates it in space
Like Romeo i'll send the devil in outer space, to leave our race
Just smile, show the world that you belong to rank of angel
My demonic rough hands, soaked in blood will provide you shelter
Thats the best i can do, i wish i could've done more
If i was there, you wouldn't experience the horror
I would be able to protect the flower, face of my sister
My trembled voice started a wind, i dont wanna be twisted
Its sad and painful for people who gets ruined recklessly
Nevertheless, their roads continue endlessly
Dont worry sister, i'll erase your pain so you'll never feel it again
I'll make this world gentle place by the dawn if you stay awake

(I know its not long, but i didnt had much time, its a song of teen rapper younger sister who was brutally raped, abused and beaten that it left her kidnapped, its focused around my alt characters storyline)

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PostSubject: Re: *Unknown MC - Angel's Cry (Song about handicapped girl) [READ!]*   Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:58 am

(( Nice ))
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*Unknown MC - Angel's Cry (Song about handicapped girl) [READ!]*
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