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 Rhyme's Roleplay Tips and Mistakes

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PostSubject: Rhyme's Roleplay Tips and Mistakes   Rhyme's Roleplay Tips and Mistakes Icon_minitimeSat Sep 15, 2012 7:45 am

Section 1
Weapon Pulling

One of the common things that happen during a roleplay is that people just
pull out a gun in broad daylight and aim at you, because of some small little
shit. Like someone said, "fuck you!" and you, in broad daylight take out a nine
millimeter handgun and put it to his forehead? Really, that is unrealistic, and you
wouldn't do that in real life, because you must RP everything, it is possible that ped-
estrians are walking around and would see you pull out that gun. Think before you act.
Also, I notice when people roleplay sometimes, they are outside with a gun in their hand
like they simply don't give a flying fuck. Roleplay concealing your weapons, don't show 'em off.

Section 2
Are You God?

Through my time roleplaying here and in other servers alike, I've seen one common
thing, people don't give a fuck about what's happening. A cop pulls you over and you
act all gangster and don't fear anything he says or does. People don't understand what
a cop or a kidnapper, or a robber could do to you if you don't co-operate with them, really.
Think about this, a gun is in your face, and you start insulting the guy, saying "fuck you", and
"ass muncher", "dick sucker", seriously? That would not end well, it would end with you dead on the
floor in a pool of blood. Learn to fear people, fearing does not make you look like a pussy or anything,
it just shows you can roleplay properly, nothing else. Remember, you are not god during a roleplay scene.

Section 3
Joining a Faction

I've done it, and a lot of other people have or do it still. When you'd like to join a faction,
you find the leader and say, "Can I join 'da set?", come on now, that's not how it works, bro.
Understand RP'ly what the consequences of joining this faction or gang are, you could loose your
life, or go to jail. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to GET NOTICED. Don't even talk to anyone.
Just act like a regular kid from school (if you are RP'ing that) or a regular pedestrian walking around
the area. Eventually you will be noticed by faction members and this leads to your involvement in the
gang. A lot of people also are impatient, it takes time to join a gang, relax and be patient. Don't ask for
your rag and say, "Can I be ragged?" or "When will I be ragged?", this only shows the leader and members
you are impatient and it lessens your chances of getting recruited into the faction/gang itself, so, watch out.

Section 4
Control Yourself

Many gangs don't do hood roleplay and their main focus is to actually attack others 24/7.
That is not how it works, do a lot of hood roleplay, find things to roleplay about, such as IC
robberies RP'ly, or fixing a car or bike, or taking a walk, smoking a blunt, whatever, just do some-
thing! Do not always attack other gangs, just makes you look bad and your gang look bad as well.
Many people from different gangs are really aggressive towards each other, and just because you
are talking to a neutral gang member you act badass and start un-needed issues, just control your-
self. Helps your gang to get a good reputation and most people will like you if you chill out a bit from that.

- More Shall Be Added Soon -
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PostSubject: Re: Rhyme's Roleplay Tips and Mistakes   Rhyme's Roleplay Tips and Mistakes Icon_minitimeSat Sep 15, 2012 9:58 am

Damn nice guide.
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Rhyme's Roleplay Tips and Mistakes
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