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 MC Dan - Feel the fire

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[AFK]Lil Dan
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PostSubject: MC Dan - Feel the fire   Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:01 pm

Check me now, everyone wanna see me fall
My hotness slows you down, and this is not all
Kilo of weed, its a fucking daily routine
My status is still number one, because i keep it clean
Your mouth is dirty as junkie house floor,
But i'm here just to clean the mess, with a mag fo fo
When i write i leave people in shock, tell me how the defeat tastes
You are all two-faced motherfuckers, thats why i leave you faceless
I never seen second place, i passed every exam, learned every lessons
Im fucking blind cause i cant see wannabe and fake persons
My hand is fucking Gangsters-Detector when i walk trough the hood
I greet only my dogs, loyal homies that give me positive mood
Dont act smartass slut, you are not fucking Einstein,
But your hair will be white just like his, when i look at you from the sky

Unlike you, i got platinum CD's to show my success
I dominate you like Bobby Fischer in party of chess
No Name, D-A-N, Feel the fire if you dont run while you can
life and death, my microphone leaves ashes and i ruin cities with my pen

[verse 2]
Ghetto gentlemen, im the one who takes care of your lady
My rhymes goes deep just like my stick i bang her steady
Rap Star, wind blows my hair so stylish when i get out of the car
Nigga, no way to outrun me, even if you passed me you cant go far
Wheels fly above the ground, steady mobbin when i jump on the scene
This shit is insane, you should knew about me and my scheme
Middle finger in the air, show all you punk ass motherfuckers how i dont care
My monetary status, higher than yours like Empire State to Cluckin Bell
Your name does not ring any bell, while mines provoke the hell
I have more respect to Emo whiteboys that niggaz who faking shit that you own me
You faking bitch, with your fake story,
how about you bow down with your fake crown and blow me
Yeah thats right, i just took a crap on your face, fuck em
My style is wild and unpredictable that they call me Urban Tarzan
Muscle on my arms, veins in my body, murder in my mind
Im crazy enough sober, fuck alcohol and i dont need to get high
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MC Dan - Feel the fire
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