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 Tricky - Hit tha club (FREESTYLE)

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PostSubject: Tricky - Hit tha club (FREESTYLE)   Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:13 pm


Hittin it in the club with my homeboys,
we always ready to get out our toys,
this club makin some fuckin loud noise,
we be rollin' in some mo'fucking big convoys,
shout out to dat deala troy,
Girls hoppin on my dick,
makin sure she be boning that stick,
makin sho it ain't no dumbass trick,
dem niggas make me fuckin sick,
if you fuck with me i'll know your thick,

Music's loud,
pumpin up the crowd,
makin sho they love my sound,
givin yo momma a frown,
she got dat cum on her face like a painted clown,
now she aint a girl dats brown,
i'm the new fucking MC in town,
niggas wanna hate?
it's not too late,
i'm expectin a diss,
while yo' girl be givin me a kiss,
ohh chill, i'm jus takin the piss,
but know you cant mess wid dis.

Girls in dis shit,
fuck wid us? get your throat slit,
you'd better better off at yo home and go knit,
homeboy learn from the masta go and sit,
right befo you get hit,
I ain't dissin random foo's,
i'll be makin the new rap rules,
hell, i'll even open a couple'a skools.

rememba dis only a freestyle,
I hope my rap gives you a smile,
dont be cattin my verses,
or you gonna be visitin nurses,
you'll be holdin yo mommas purses,

haha foo's dont fuck wid me got dat shit? I ain't tryna be makin a proper rap YET.. soon nigga.. soon! i'm comin' for you!
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Tricky - Hit tha club (FREESTYLE)
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