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 Multiple Useful Guides by M1ST3R M4NG4N0

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PostSubject: Multiple Useful Guides by M1ST3R M4NG4N0   Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:07 pm

Alright, I've decided to make some useful tips to players and newcomers.
Anyways, let's get started!

Shoot-outs are big and are mainly done at nights.
If you're planning a shoot-out make sure you bring a lot of your homies with you.
Stay in cover, don't run into the crossfire, you will be shot to shreds in seconds.
In shoot-outs there are chances of winning the battle quicker, such as flanking your enemies.
In order to flank your enemies, you must make sure some of your homies lay covering fire while you and some others flank the enemy.
Remember, your enemies can flank you aswell.
Keep an eye out for possible spots where your enemy can flank you and your homies.
If you don't look out you will get a nasty suprise.
If you're on the losing side, just retreat, don't try to be a hero.
If you've won a shoot-out then quickly leave the area, fear the Police, even if there aren't any PD members on, just act realistic and don't bother looting the injured.

Brawls are done by fists and other melee weapons, they can be done anytime.
Make sure you have a melee weapon if not then just use your fists.
Bring a lot of homies with you if you want to win.
Find small groups of enemies in their hood, they're easy targets if you're a good fighter aswell as your gang.
If your gang is losing the fight, run away, don't try to save your homies unless you have the upper hand.
If you've won, then quickly leave the area, don't bother looting your wounded foes, the Cops will be coming, even if no PD members are on, be realistic.

Drive-bies are done quickly by shooting from a vehicle and can be done anytime.
Grab a few homies and make sure you're armed.
Scout ahead in the enemy's turf, try to find enemies to kill.
Once you've found your victims, drive close to then and order your homies to shoot, then drive off quickly as possible.
Cops will be investigating that aswell, even if no PD members are on.

Kidnappings have to be done quick if you don't want more company.
Get weapons and grab a few homies to ensure your safety.
Find a lone member in the enemy's turf.
Once you've found your victim, pull up next to him, leave the vehicle and aim your weapons at him/her.
Don't rob him/her on sight, or else you will have a hard time, knock him/her out with a proper /me and put them into your vehicle's back/trunk.
Bring your victim to a silent place, rob them and do whatever you want to them.

Same as the kidnapping, but you don't have to bring your victim anywhere.
Make sure you have a weapon, if not then ask a homie with a weapon to go with you.
Find your victim, pull up next to them, aim your weapons at them.
Quickly frisk your victim and take anything valuable that he/she has.
If you won't be quick you might get some company from their homies.
Once you're done with the frisking and took everything useful you've found, it's your choice to kill your victim or just knock him out and leave him at the spot.

Roleplaying towards other gangs:
If you've caught an enemy slipping in your hood, throw gang signs at them gang signs and tell them to leave.
If they don't, attack them with your fists or melee weapon.
If you're in an enemy's hood, show fear, don't act like some fearless motherfucker.
If you encounter enemies, run or else they overpower you.

Roleplaying towards the Police:
Whatever you do, always show fear to the Police, they're the people who can destroy your whole life.
If you're on foot, just ignore them.
If they come asking questions just answer them nicely, don't go insulting and other bullshit.
If they want to pull you over, do so, don't try to be Rambo and drive off like some mentally retarded idiot.
On foot chases, example: You have drugs on yourself and a cop starts to feel that you're acting suspiciously.
Try to lie your way out, if you don't succeed, either co-operate and get arrested or run away.
If you plan to run away, don't turn around with your gun and shoot at the cops, just run for your life.
If you succeed losing the Cops, go hide somewhere safe until they stop looking for you, or change clothes.
If one of your homies are arrested, don't try to be Rambo and attack the Police Cruiser your homie's in.
You'll just be in deeper shit, try to get jailed homies out safely like paying parole.

I hope this helped some people get known to showing fear, not just Ramboing around.
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PostSubject: Re: Multiple Useful Guides by M1ST3R M4NG4N0   Tue Aug 14, 2012 7:02 am

Most of the time I try to be nice to teh police. Most of the people who RP as Gangsters just drive off or some other shit. fuck that/dumb bitch

Good guide bro, good guide.
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PostSubject: Re: Multiple Useful Guides by M1ST3R M4NG4N0   Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:29 pm

this should help the ones who don't fear guns running towards our car while we're making a drive-by, good guide yhyh
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PostSubject: Re: Multiple Useful Guides by M1ST3R M4NG4N0   Wed Aug 15, 2012 6:52 pm

Crazyb0b wrote:
good guide yhyh
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PostSubject: Re: Multiple Useful Guides by M1ST3R M4NG4N0   

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Multiple Useful Guides by M1ST3R M4NG4N0
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