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 Unknown MC: Gantons most gay ( GMW diss)

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PostSubject: Unknown MC: Gantons most gay ( GMW diss)   Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:22 am

*Beat starts*
Talk: Three versus one? Fucking pussies. I respected you all motherfuckers, but after you do it three versus one, I lost my fucking respect to you, I thought you can rap, later I can clap. I forgot to give you a slap. Blaze? Fucking asslicker. How about we tell them the truth? That you only asslick them because they will guard you, cause you knew I were to dangerous for you. so Fuck you.

Rap: Ayo, fucking joke, The monkeys in the background
sounds exactly like you, When you all dissed Marcus,
It just showed that Gantons Most Gay, Are some fucking
pussies, Real talk real shit im not going to hit, fucking snitch
go bitch, Tommorow I fucking show that you arent shit.
Just some fucking lost MC's, to fuck you up I dont need
anything, Dont mess with a guy on the top of your grade
Dont fuck with the master of dizaster. walking to your hood
with a mothafucking AK, you cried and said: Oh please dont
shoot me, I spared your life that time motherfucker.
Dick Groove? What the fuck is that kind of name
Not mentioning that lazy ass fame. You dont really have any
lyrics, just babbling shit, Blablabla is all I heard so I couldn't
reply, but Im giving it a try, so I dont need to mention your
sorry ass again, Armed and dangerous, So better watch your back.

Chorus: I see three foo's not being real grove,
Three pussies against one nigga. no shit no beat
I dont need any shit, to fuck a lost MC, X2

*Breathes heavily* I go for my second round against Rydah.
Motherfucker, if your a OG, then im a double OG.
I swear I dont understand how worthless idiots acts hard
So I put a card on your forehead, It says Snitches for money
Your mother is like a donkey, not mentioning her ride.
To hide in your mothers ass got to be funny not seeing any
bunny, I dont give a fuck if its sunny. This is called rhymes
have you ever heard of that? You rat! I slice you like a trap
Im so sick you dont even have a dick. Acting like a gangster
But when you see me face to face you just become a new race
Im not done yet, Im gonna make you cry so later you die.
Your mouth stinks so much you destroyed your own mic
I can smell it from here, smells like he been eating shit.
I bake a cake then you can make what you call a diss.
Next time I wont miss. Im not in your level I am too
hard for you, not giving a fuck dissing you is the easiest
stuff, you sound like a dog. I might be done. Cause
you understand that you lost, I roast you. fucking fag
I put you into a bag, tommorow tag, Im done.
Peace out.

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PostSubject: Re: Unknown MC: Gantons most gay ( GMW diss)   Mon Aug 06, 2012 11:01 pm

dope rap))
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Unknown MC: Gantons most gay ( GMW diss)
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