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 "Ganton's Most Wanted" D. Groove "Who You Be" (OG Marcus Diss)

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PostSubject: "Ganton's Most Wanted" D. Groove "Who You Be" (OG Marcus Diss)   Sat Aug 04, 2012 10:15 am

Niggardly disrespecting me and my crew
But nigga who da fuck is you?
Disrespectin Rydah and Peanutt
Claiming you an "OG"
I been in the game ten years
Who you be nigga?
Come to my hood
Ill show you who the real OG is
Nigga you need to stop wasting my time
Just come to Grove
So I can grind a bullet in your face
Man I need my space
Your fake ass
You'll be all in the past

Man you just a discrace
Get your sorry ass out my face
Disrespecting the OGs
Let me turn on the TV
Oh wait - I see a punk B'
But you just a wannabe
This little bitch ass nigga
You little trick ass nigga
Shoutout to my dawg OG Rydah
Lets meet up Friday
And fry this nigga
Ge'ah. Gonna pay the price
Disrespecting the Families
But your family was all on crack
We need to play this track again
Who you think you is
Nigga you ain't no Big.
So tell me - Who You Be nigga?

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PostSubject: Re: "Ganton's Most Wanted" D. Groove "Who You Be" (OG Marcus Diss)   Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:44 am

*DeShawn is driving around Willowfield in his Feltzer while listening to the radio.*
*D.Groove - Who You Be is playing on the radio.*
DeShawn: "Damn these niggas need to learn some grammar."
*DeShawn bursts into a laughter while changing radio station.*
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"Ganton's Most Wanted" D. Groove "Who You Be" (OG Marcus Diss)
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