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 "Ganton's Most Wanted" O.G Rydah Freestyle (Marcus Diss)

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PostSubject: "Ganton's Most Wanted" O.G Rydah Freestyle (Marcus Diss)   Fri Aug 03, 2012 3:38 pm

[Talkin']...Dayuuum nigguh!.."Cough"...foo' wuzz' born yesterday in teh cheap ass hospital today he already claims OG!?.."Puff Puff"...Maan he gots to have a fuckeed up homieez na'mean homie.."Cough"...Maaan fucc' dat' shieet...let me tell a lil' sumethin'....

Shiieeet now everyone claims dat' he's an O.G
Dissin' me!? teh top nigguh dat' he can't see
Lil' foo' runnin' around teh mo'fuckin Idlewood
Tryna' be me chea' boy ya' wish you would
Nigguh neva' went up to no good,Can't rep his hood
Man fucc' this shiet I dont evin kno' why I'm talkin' this
Foo' comes around an' almost catches Tec9 kiss
Next time I promisse dat' I wont miss
Befo' ya' die ya' will see shermed out mo'fuckah lost in teh mist
Why I evin fucc' wit' you Imma send you teh youngstah beast
Couse they are used to fucc' wit' yo' ass
An' when ya' crossed teh line they dont let ya' pass
Chu' juss' turn around and walk bacc' in stress
But next time ya' wont walk bacc' but fall on teh grass!
Now shame on you and your crew! couse when I come tru'
There aint nuthin' to do an' you end up juss' one anotha' stupid foo'!

[Talkin']...Cheeea' let em bustaz kno' its on in 96'....Punk ass mo'fuckaz just dont knooo'....
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PostSubject: Re: "Ganton's Most Wanted" O.G Rydah Freestyle (Marcus Diss)   Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:16 am

*Peanutt turns on radio and notices the song.
*Peanutt laughs slowly and nodding his head as positive expression.
*Peanutt: East side G'z on move boii!
*Peanutt keep listening to the song while bopping his hands.
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"Ganton's Most Wanted" O.G Rydah Freestyle (Marcus Diss)
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