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 O.G Marcus - G'Z from da' Idlewood - Freestyle.

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PostSubject: O.G Marcus - G'Z from da' Idlewood - Freestyle.   Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:21 am

O.G Marcus in this shit nigga,gotta learn you all bitches and snitches what's up.
I woke up at seven o'clock,grabbin' ma glock.
Getting out with some G'z from idlewood.
OG'z betta' said nigga'.
When we ride on our enemies.
We don't think on da' god.
We think on our hood nigga!
We ridin' on them Greenies nigga!
That are real G'z from Idlewood.
Coming thru',to pop yo' head off
And then make some fame nigga'.
Ma' nigga Spikey,rollin' with me.
We are f'real Idlewood G'z nigga,you can't fuck with us.
Im reppin' Idlewood.
Idlewood in ma' hearth nigga.
O.G Rydah reppin' with them Grave Street.
Bitch please,he's just punk ass.
He wanted to roll' with ballas but we aint no gettin' snitches in set!
So he bailed da fuck out from Idlewood.
Dass' how the Idlewood G'z rolling.
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O.G Marcus - G'Z from da' Idlewood - Freestyle.
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