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 O.G Marcus - Where these niggaz at? - Freestyle. ((GMW diss))

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PostSubject: O.G Marcus - Where these niggaz at? - Freestyle. ((GMW diss))   Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:44 pm

MC Marcus in this shit nigga',but chu' can call me M'...

Where these niggaz at when they need to be?!
Magnum in ma hands!
Magnum in ma' hands!
They just chillin' 'round da Idlewood because they know they cant get fucked.
When they are hea'
They just poppin' greenies.
Haha them Grave Street and Bustaville.
Can't do shit against us because we are real motherfucking G'z!
G'z from da' Idlewood rollin',if you don't want yo' head off then keep away nigga'!
Because M' is in this shit,and you can't do shit.
When i grab my fofo,you are dead ass nigga.
When i chillin' with my homies.
I gotta say peace because this what we expected from greenies.
They rap shit!
Ganton's Most Wanteds aint shit because they rap like that hoe OG Loc!
That aint OG nigga that is just a stupid hoe who rapping for Ganton's Most Wanted.
They can't do shit against us,they rapping at house hahaah.
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O.G Marcus - Where these niggaz at? - Freestyle. ((GMW diss))
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