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 Mc Blaze - Sad Sad Move (( Petar Del Rio Dis))

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PostSubject: Mc Blaze - Sad Sad Move (( Petar Del Rio Dis))   Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:08 pm

*gun Shots*
[TDF]Mike: Man fuck this bitches from south!
[TDF]Mike:So We Bounce or What?
[TDF]Blaze:Hold on,Give me a Minute

[Verse 1 0:23]Blaze:
Yo Check this clown out from Shout Side walkin' round'
Try to dis a nigger with out a talent wound
The fuck you lost ere' boy , white boy'z messin' with wrong toyz?
Fuck that shit ,we Just Droppin hits
When you see me around ,you try to ignore me pal!
Sayin your'e outta town , funny Clown!
Drop the Boddies Count We ain't with that
We just laugh at Sky Blue Low rider Sound,
Smashin Hits ain't for you ,white boy with Out Town flow
Grabbin Straps Lean outta window and do *gun shots*Mac's pull
Easy comes and Easy goes ,when you dis a nigger shit can go wrong
When you push yo rhymes, niggas even dont use a dope!
So Step it up, cuz we just raise it off!

Sad Sad move
Del Rio in a Movie
Outta town foolio
Now we bout' to Smash you up! [2x]

[Verse 2]Blaze:
Niggaz Say i got a dirty mouth, i know that sound!
Yeh Thats Me Mc Blaze on a see When A Nigga goes just that Deep
No remorse no regret,I'll Keep my Business in a new Families Set
When it goes just so hard,take a few Steps back
Talkin bout a snitchy bitch,Petar Del Rio shizz,
Yo Rhymes ain't nothin' Just reminds me a nigger called him self Mc Boller or Bullet
But that doesnt matter you will go out just like that foolio!

Sad Sad move
Now We Beggin' Beggin' to Step this up!
And You Know what im talkin' bout!
Now we bout' to Smash you up! [2x]

[TDF]Mike:Man thats some peachy sound!
[TDF]Blaze:Nigga give it a try
[TDF]Mike:Hell no,this ain't fo' me!
[TDF]Mike:Aight Cuz' i don't have nothin' to lose

[verse 3]Mike:
Yo Check this out,My First Rhyme, But all it goes over the time
A Fresh Start to make it up!
Mike on the Mic Flows So Tight (right)
We're bout' to rollin' downtown and see the shit's up
Now we in Ma' Low Low, Here Drives Angry Mofo'
South Side bitches ain't real,fist y'all cryin,now you Steal!
Fuck that shit now we out,I hope you liked my rhymes, if y'all don't y'all suck!

[TDF]Blaze:Haha This is a killa shit, lets bounce outta ere' befo' 5-0 comes up!
[TDF]Mike:Yo check it Big T comes right there...
*sound stops*
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PostSubject: Re: Mc Blaze - Sad Sad Move (( Petar Del Rio Dis))   Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:07 am

*Peanutt turns on radio and notices to the song.*
*Peanutt: Wooohooo, Burn, *ahahhah*!
*Peanutt turns volume up while cruising in El Corona. *
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Mc Blaze - Sad Sad Move (( Petar Del Rio Dis))
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