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 Morbid - Freestyle

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[AFK]Lil Dan
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PostSubject: Morbid - Freestyle   Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:12 am

Bitch i wanna see you die
And dont bullshit me, you know why
bitches aint nothing but hoes and tricks
You think you tricked me? thats wrong, chick
You speak of something i dont wanna hear
stop begging me, you cant reach my ear
You think im pathetic, bitch run
i'll catch you cause im an athletic
call you in middle of the night, high
Fucking stoned, just to make you kiss my forty five
Im sticking with my homies
You dont own me, you dont know me
you are a phony, bitch blow me
You have nerves to do this on purpose
Bitch stays a bitch, no matter the forms
You are like a circus, you are so funny
Dont act innocent, you had balls of every colors in your hands
just like fucking Eastern Bunny
well, stick them up yo' ass, cause im just gonna pass
head high, you are such a low class,
You are a whore, and you can only bow, fool
I'll stop breathing, but after you,
you think you used me as a tool?
I will see things than you will never see
I'll chop off your eyes, and everybody agrees
you are unloyal, you rising on every dick, like black unemployment
We all know you love the sound of dick deployment
I'll reserve you a working spot around Pig Pen
Your pussy is fucking bigger than Big Ben
You choosing death, you cant be saved by a vest
I'll chop off your pretty eyes and choke you with your hair
splash intestines all over the floor,
blow your brains all over the fucking door
murder show, im number one scandal maker
you are such a innocent-girl faker, you think you hurt me
you didnt, you just stalk me, lurk me
you are so low, i'll throw 100 dollar bucks on your titties
as soon as i see you as number one hoe in the city
six-feet deep bitch, thats when i'll pay your blow jobs
so you can earn cash like P Diddy
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Morbid - Freestyle
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