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 Big K' - Dynamical Punchlines

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PostSubject: Big K' - Dynamical Punchlines   Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:33 am

[x2]My Punchlines break ya'jaw,
gun-shot like a cum-shot in ya'face like puberty balls

Ayo, the shit I say in my songs is real talk and
if you disrespect ill have you pickin' your teeth up from the sidewalk
i kill beats like a triceratops, i kill for a living but i try not
step to me ill shank you fifteen times in a parking-lot
my lyrics are lethal, we are not the same people
i hate it when niggas say they know my struggle like we
were equal, put so many slugs in you have to put you
back together like home depo, take your chain and your
cash call me D-BO, and i dont write shit cause i stay
going like a dikes dick, so pass me the mic bitch
and ill show you how to tear it like this, i do this
cause i have to, i dont even like this but i aint like you
if i have a gun in my face i might piss, i free styled this
rap dident recite shit, my lyrics are sick and brutal
have you stretched out like a noodle, then for the fuck
of it slice and stab your poodle, i spit so much got no more saliva
but i spit real shit im just runnin' this by ya'
i smoke weed likes its prescribed last time
i checked i was on blunt number thirtty five
my rhymes contiguous, battle me and catch
hives, punchlines sting like bee-hives
i lay down my life for seville that aint no liee
these niggas is fucked blind, dynamical punchlines

[x2]My Punchlines break ya'jaw,
gun-shot like a cum-shot in ya'face like puberty balls
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Big K' - Dynamical Punchlines
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