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 Big K' - Silent Treatment -Freestyle-

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PostSubject: Big K' - Silent Treatment -Freestyle-   Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:09 pm

Uh, Check this shit out.. NIGGA! ha-ha.

[Raps Fast]:I'll slit your throat and laugh looking at the blood
spill in the grass, then chop your legs off with a fucking ax
starin' at the meter when I'm driving - that shits on max,
bodies in the trunk fresh smell opening my cigarette pack,
ha. If i had a nickle for every man I killed i'd have enough to afford
my fucking bills, prayin' to god askin' which way to go, cause since
age 13 I been cappin' niggas like a fuckin' GIJo, niggas give me props
for being lyrically gifted but I'm just being me fuckin dipshit
betta catch up with what I'm saying or you might miss this
I'm so clean - I'm so fresh, cap a balla for a dolla its his fault
for the way he dressed - ha
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Big K' - Silent Treatment -Freestyle-
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