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 My shitty life (freestyle)- Purple Nation Records

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PostSubject: My shitty life (freestyle)- Purple Nation Records   Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:59 pm

we gon start like this-...

i woke up around six in the morning
all out from the bed yawning niggas be calling me on my pager,
i'm dressing up cpt cap, some khakis n slippers.

you niggas are giggers making funny all out of your self,
riding in my van with the niggas in the back we ready for attack,
greenies be scared of us that's why them goblins suck onnn-.... my DICK! BITCH!

after the killing we went for chilling smoking weed getting high,
that what really does matters doe,
i got an hoe in my house waiting for me to come back home

it's almost night, coming back home hoe jumping on me, we head to bed, i
my dick runs so deep, so deep-... pull the motherfucker to sleep
i had the chronic and she had the supersonic, bionic, drop her ass at the home
got another bitch at the party of snoop doggy dawg,
her ass so 'round and fat and she don't know what she doing when she touch me i'm like poooing!

[talking]:little freestyle uhh rest in peace to ma' homies, that are up there..
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My shitty life (freestyle)- Purple Nation Records
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