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 Grammar Skills

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PostSubject: Grammar Skills   Fri May 11, 2012 10:23 pm

Player from other server wrote:
Let me start by saying that I did NOT write any of this, this was a post I came across on a different forum and I think it'll be helpful for those that didn't learn English as their first language. I edited it a bit as well.

Grammar & grammatical skills

Hopefully this will help everyone on some level.

1. Basic English.

http://esl.about.com/od/beginningenglis ... c-English/

2. Creating emotes and expanding your vocabulary.

Talking is easy enough, but presenting emotes clearly and effectively is a great way of showing your RP ability. Emotes are not about big words or complicated sentence structure, their about imagination and your characters actions. Make sure you have a good grasp of the English language before placing these words in a sentence for it may not make sense.

Visual examination

Words: look, glance, attention, gaze, eye, peek, notice, inspect, stare, view, squint, watch and observing.


/me looks at Nelson.
/me glances at Nelson.
/me peeks at Nelson.
/me gives his undivided attention to Nelson.
/me drags his gaze from Nelson to Lucy.
/me slowly runs his glare over Nelson, eyeing him head to toe.
/me observes Nelson closely, watching his every movement.
/me darts his glance at Nelson.


Words: walks, strides, struts, glides, navigates, advances, shuffles, stumbles, clambers, drifts, ingresses and sways.


/me walks over to Nelson.
/me kicks his legs into motion, striding across the road.
/me struts down the sidewalk.
/me advances his hand toward the bottle of Miller.
/me shuffles his weight across the chair to Nelson.
/me drifts past Nelson.
/me navigates his glance up and down the street.
/me ‘s attention glides across the group.


Words: buoyant, ecstatic, joyous, light hearted, lively, content, perky, thrilled and pleased.
/me nods at Nelson, content with the decision.

/me is clearly pleased with Nelson.
/me bounds into the room in a buoyant manner.
/me light heartedly chuckles at Nelson.
/me sends Nelson a perky smile.
/me sticks his thumb up at Nelson, thrilled at the decision.
/me is ecstatic!

Setting the scene

This is a great way of creating RP and conversation. What I mean by setting the scene is dropping emotes in /do that describe the environment or something within that other players can respond to. Basically, their goal is to create RP conversation.

For example:

/do Heavy rap music can be heard coming from the apartment above Inside Track.

This was used recently in game and from this several members got fairly annoyed, shouting up to the window.

/do The sounds of a car accident can be heard on the intersection above the group.
/do The streetlights gloom covers Nelson’s back, leaving his face shaded.
/do Several homeless men are perched in a porch way beside Inside Track.
/do A cool breeze cuts through the group.

The trick is to keep them subtle and realistic, don’t powergame or go over the top with;

/do A huge explosion hurls through the street, the blast wave throwing cars into the air.

3. Downtime.

When something isn't happening and you're hanging around waiting for an order, the thing I hate to see is silence. A little bit of effort and research can leave your character with something to say at any time.

Stories - Every character should have a story or two, some funny or not, something that happened to your character in the past.

Jokes - Try and look up a few jokes, not all of them have to be racial, try and twist a few into an Italian-American context.

Conversation topics

The weather

Man 1 - "Shit, last night I was caught up in a freak rain storm, just outta town. Almost hit a bear, at least I thought it was a bear."

Man 2 - "Yeah, it started just as I had my leg through the front door. It couldn't have been a bear, could it?"

What you did on the weekend, what you plan to do.

Man 1 - "I'm goin' fishin' this weekend."

Man 2 - "I went out with my cousin last friday, deep sea, love it."

Television, programs you saw.

Man 1 - "Catch that documentary on Tibetan monks?"

Drink - what alchohole you like, research some whacky cocktails.

Women - Girls who have been banged, experiences with them, girls you intent to bang.

Movies – Funny scenes, parts you liked.

And the list goes on, but the goal is still the same, this will help you define your character and form friendships or disagreements between other faction members.

Personal favourite words and emotes you may find useful


Unprofessional - Incompetent, Incapable, Amateur.

"He's an incompetent mutt."
"You see what he did infront of the club? Fuckin' amateur."
"Yeah, he's incapable of carryin' out the simplest of tasks."


Acknowledgement, Acknowledging - physical act of recognizing someone. (Note down recognize, alot of can't spell it.)
/me sends a nod of acknowledgement toward Nelson.
/me turns his attention to Nelson, acknowledging him with a nod.

Gesture, signal,- a motion as communication.

/me gestures toward the door.
/me raises his hand into the air, signalling Nelson.

Pinpoints, homes in on - Another way of directing your look.

/me pinpoints Paul with a glance.
/me homes in on Paul with his glare.

Simultaneously - At the same time.

/me looks at Paul, rubbing his hands together simultaneously.

Vigourously - roughly, powerfully.

/me shoves Paul vigorously, developing a cold facial expression.
/me lifts the engine cover of the vehicle vigorously.


Many people tend to misuse symbols whilst typing, the most common one I've came across is the apostrophe. I'm going to make it clear that the apostrophe is a symbol mainly for representing a missing letter.

Example of the correct usage:

"Yo, my moms was flippin' out on me!"
"A'yo, them dudes came over here shootin'!"


The only time capitalizations are needed is in the beginning of a sentence, when you're saying someone's name, or when you're mentioning a specific place.


"Justin was born in Compton, California."
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PostSubject: Re: Grammar Skills   Fri May 11, 2012 10:26 pm

Nice guide, this would help people learn better english and/or /me skills. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Grammar Skills   Wed May 23, 2012 8:48 pm

Man, that's excellement, real talk.

A capital letter and a dot at the end of a sentence is the basic.
Sometimes i see people (Long-time player) who don't do capital letter nor dot.

Whatever, good tutorial, man. That's perfect.
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PostSubject: Re: Grammar Skills   Sat May 26, 2012 5:25 pm

Roger wrote:
Nice guide, this would help people learn better english and/or /me skills. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Grammar Skills   Sun Aug 12, 2012 4:04 pm

Yeah, cool guide.
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PostSubject: Re: Grammar Skills   Sun Aug 12, 2012 5:17 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Grammar Skills   Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:54 am

Keelo wrote:
Man, that's excellement, real talk.

A capital letter and a dot at the end of a sentence is the basic.
Sometimes i see people (Long-time player) who don't do capital letter nor dot.

Whatever, good tutorial, man. That's perfect.

You fail if you mean capital letters in /me's, you only use capitals in /me's if it's a noun or a name.
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PostSubject: Re: Grammar Skills   

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Grammar Skills
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