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 Rollin Heighez Ballas[Leader Apply]

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PostSubject: Rollin Heighez Ballas[Leader Apply]   Fri Mar 09, 2012 6:06 pm

IC Questions

Character Name:Chris Trucher
Character Age:23
How does your character look: I'm one of black poeples,I have purple shirt,many RHB Tattos,Black pant and black skully cap
Tell something you know about this gang: This is Afro-American street gang that representes the colour purple.Gang members can be seen around Jefferson.they drive Savannas,Tahomas,Majestics

OOC Questions

What is your in-game name:Chris_Carlson
What is your real life age:12
List the previous factions that you been in on this server:Los Santos Vagos
What faction do you want to lead:Rolling Heighez Ballas
Why do you want to lead this faction:Because the leader of RHb must be cool and mad,I'm all,I love purple colour because I love Ballas all my lifecan
Can you be a good and active leader:Yes,I can
Did you read the gang leadership rules and do you agree with them: I accept WC-RP Leader apply rules

[b]Roleplay Related Questions

Explain the term PG:(Power Gaming)Doing something that is impossible in real lik
Explain the term MG:(Meta Gaming)Talking about something IC when its OOC
Give an example of a good /me command:/me Shakes his spraycan,point agains and spray Rollin Heighez Ballas,/me opens the hood and sees car engine
In what cases /do command should be used(give 1-2 examples):/do What do I find?,/do I see any colour on you ?
/do S/F,/do Can I take your gun ?
Give yourself a grade of your RP Skill from 1 till 10:8
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PostSubject: Re: Rollin Heighez Ballas[Leader Apply]   Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:16 pm

RHB have a leader, locking.
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Rollin Heighez Ballas[Leader Apply]
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